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  1. Dog house 236x on .40 bet, it didnt feel real, such a unreal win for a game that usaully gives 50xs at its bests.
  2. Every game has its “house edge” to it. How I truthfully look at it is either you get lucky or you don’t, can’t bet according to statistics. That statistic/ probably fair is also probably a average of sessions.
  3. You can never have intentions of recovering losses while gambling, you’ll only upset yourself in the long run. Enjoy your funds while you have them and if you get lucky and get above you deposit and feel you’ve played enough then withdraw, if that point never comes then wait a few days and try to get lucky again!
  4. Finally hit bronze, each vip level is a great achievement when earned 💯
  5. I always wonder the same thing, I’ve been trying to hit the 1000x on plinko forever now done easily over 20,000 bets on probably 50 different seeds, no idea 🤔
  6. My resolution this year is to try to hit a 1000x on any slot in under 100 spins. Be a dream come true 💯🔥
  7. Gems bonanza seems so appealing but I’d have to say it’s my most hated slot. So good looking but feels impossible to hit
  8. Any game that atleast gives you some time for your money, games like crazy time and monopoly won’t cover it, try slots with a high rtp.
  9. My favorite slots are the ones that aren’t constantly being spun. Maybe you all should try going down past the first or second row and seeing what else there is they have to offer. IF I had to choose one you all have actually heard of, it would probably be Rise of Merlin
  10. To manage my bankroll better and to somehow manage to tilt on a much less frequent basis. Personally I don’t mind losing, it’s when I lose beyond my initial losses were when I deposit by redepoing and making it worse.
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