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  1. He is absolutely adorable!
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  3. I heard about it. What a terrible tragedy all around. I never imagined that would happen again after Brandon Lee's tragic passing.
  4. e_abrams

    Bitcoin pumped

    This rally happened because the Chinese miners moved to the States and now the US is the biggest producer of Bitcoin in the world: https://www.forexbrokerz.com/news/us-overtakes-china-as-the-worlds-largest-bitcoin-producer I did not believe it would happen this fast, but it did. BTC will probably rally to 100k soon.
  5. What birds though? Does anyone like birds?
  6. Hahaha. my thoughts exactly!
  7. e_abrams

    Bitcoin pumped

    By the looks of it BTC will reach 70k soon! 😮
  8. I guess it can't hurt to hodl.
  9. Oh, I did not know that! I need to check it out.
  10. e_abrams


    It looks like the crackdown in China barely slowed the industry down - Bitcoin miners largely moved to the US: https://www.forexbrokerz.com/news/us-overtakes-china-as-the-worlds-largest-bitcoin-producer and BTC is shooting for the moon!
  11. Cheese and any cheese dishes.
  12. e_abrams

    Hot or cold

    I definitely prefer the air colder rather than hotter.
  13. My favourite soundtrack... I have so many, now that I think about it. One of my favourites is the OST for Tron Legacy though, Daft Punk are amazing.
  14. Everyone seems to like XRP. :D
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