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  1. They were? I am not sure. But that said, they've been giving mixed signals about cryptos for age now.
  2. Bitcoin, at least, should start climbing again, I think. what with the new laws that are about to be passed in India lowering the taxes of crypto transactions from 18% to 1%: https://www.forexbrokerz.com/news/legislation-changes-set-to-lower-taxes-on-crypto-transactions-in-india-to-1
  3. I too recommend Event Horizon if you want horror and sci-fi into one movie.
  4. At the moment the market seems pretty bearish.
  5. I think it may not be down for much longer, even if there is a correction now - India is planning on regulating (as opposed to banning) the crypto market and reducing the Goods and Services Taxes (GST) users have to pay with every transaction to merely 1% from the current 18%, similarly to taxes paid on India’s regulated stocks exchanges: https://www.forexbrokerz.com/news/legislation-changes-set-to-lower-taxes-on-crypto-transactions-in-india-to-1 That is pretty good news for the industry.
  6. A friend of mine was naive enough to do it, I was not. I wish he had told me before he did it, so I could at least caution him against it.
  7. That's a snake! Is it venomous?
  8. Too many to list them all.
  9. Who hasn’t heard of the tv series Squid Game these days? Unfortunately, some scammers decided to capitalize on its popularity – the new crypto asset SQUID, named, as you can imagine, after the tv show, turned out to be a total hoax, as well as a 3.38 million USD fraud. That was revealed when its price dropped to zero earlier this month. SQUID, coasting on the tv show’s popularity, was priced at 2.850 USD per coin, which was a shocking 75,000% increase in pricing. Soon after that, however, its price crashed to 0.002 USD. Said crash apparently occurred over the course of just a few minutes. Users started complaining that they could not sell it on PancakeSwap, which was the only (decentralized) exchange that liquidates SQUID. Soon after that there was a warning that the coin was rigged, and there was evidence of that as well. The creators of the coin falsely claimed that it was both inspired by and endorsed by the IP (which it was not), and also falsely claimed that SQUID has been upgraded with an ‘anti-dumping technology’, essentially preventing holders of the coin to sell against lowered demand. While the scam was happening said creators were not online, their social media presence was false and now the SQUID site is gone. Source:https://theforexreview.com/2021/11/03/squid-coin-revealed-as-fraud/ Frankly, that's why I'm always so careful with meme coins, they can either be like Shiba Inu or like this one.
  10. I haven't had proper ramen in ages, I miss it.
  11. I mostly read and watch movies.
  12. I am quite fond of rock music.
  13. I've had both and I've loved both, currently I have a kitty, but I'd love a dog just as much.
  14. BTC is shooting for the moon and its popularity is greater than ever, according to most recent reports BTC has had more than a million active addresses for five consecutive days: https://theforexreview.com/2021/11/04/bitcoin-more-than-1-million-active-wallets/ Its common ground is that the daily active Bitcoin wallets have been indicative of the potential price of the coin. A positive impact has always been observed when a jump in the number of active BTC wallets was felt. The impact is directly felt on the price of the crypto asset. On October 20th the token reached a record-high price if $66 8000, and has stayed above $60 00 since then.
  15. I think the best gifts are personalized. Think about that person likes, wants or needs and get it for them.
  16. Cheese. All sorts of cheese.
  17. He's adorable! What's his name?
  18. Everything the band The Heavy has performed.
  19. Clearly I was deeply wrong about the move north. I admit I underestimated how fast the industry would recuperate after China banned cryptos. Miners just largely moved to the US and established themselves there: https://www.forexbrokerz.com/news/us-overtakes-china-as-the-worlds-largest-bitcoin-producer And look where the industry is now. BTC may reach 70k USD this year after all.
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