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  1. please change minimum wager for chatting to 1k or 2k usd daily. most players are abusing the chat, they beg winners and troll real players. some are plats that might have dubiously gotten the account, they dont play or wager, but come in to harass , bully and cause mayhem in the chat/ i know like 2 people that have not wagered for 2 months now but they keep begging and harassing the real players that actually wager. i am ready to prove this to any support that wants me to prove it. please eddie and admin, kindly increase the minimum amount required to chat daily to 1k
  2. god damn it, can some one take this ...........out of y mentions and thread
  3. that is your opinion. you know nothing about me. go open your thread and type your opinion there. clearly said the average vip host takes hours to a day to respond. that means majority of them dont respond fast. learn to read and understand before spewing out what you wanna spew
  4. you will agree with me that the vip host feature is very useless. all they do is actvate your reload and also give you your bonus when you reach the next level. i think the regular support can do this wthout issues. the average vip host takes hours and some times more than a day to respond. most do not even calculate the bonus properly. please eddie remove dedicated vip host feature. there is nothing VIP about it. if you must continue with it, then let them respond to messages as fast as the normal support responds. IMO the normal support is even more VIP th
  5. i keep checking this thread but see no sensible strat
  6. NoIdiotsPLS

    Plinko 1000x

    max i go for is 170
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