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  1. When did this come out? Nothing received.
  2. Bore off then? If you're unhappy, stop crying in here and go elsewhere. Sorry you lost, but that's what casinos do, they take money. If I walked into another casino and got given back nearly 6% of my losses, I would be shocked and happy. Why should it matter that you wagered 130k? I could wager that off $1,000.
  3. Idiot. Go to a real casino, lose money and then ask for some help. You'll only lose that 50 if they gave it to you. No sympathy whatsoever. Stake do enough.
  4. Username: Lordsgc Color: Fawn Good luck all. Sam
  5. Username: Lordsgc Lucky Color: Orange Sam
  6. Not sure anyone will care, but good luck.
  7. You don't stop after being kicked really hard. You stop when you can't no more. Or at least that's what most gamblers do. I'm the same. Up one minute, aggressively chasing the next. It's mental. Some of us suffer, some of us have control. Simple
  8. It's lose/losing, not loosing. Sorry, this grates on me. Same boat here. You say, "lose control", and in that state you're just chasing. I've been there and gone from $5 bets up to $500. It is rather annoying. Some people will have control, I kinda don't.
  9. Rams ML Lions +7.5 Jags +7.5 Bengals vs Packers - Over 49 Patriots - 7 Cardinals ML Cowboys ML Chiefs vs Bills - Over 56
  10. 355 make it through to week 3.
  11. Despite being a Titans fan, I fully agree Seattle are the pick here. Browns seem the consensus pick. Good luck with the picks and the parlays!
  12. At discretion of your host. I've been given $5/day with little activity, so it's likely they'll look at profit/loss and wagered over 14 days/month.
  13. What are all these people talking about? Monthly bonus hasn't hit yet, just pre-monthly, unless I'm mistaken of course.
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