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  1. You don't stop after being kicked really hard. You stop when you can't no more. Or at least that's what most gamblers do. I'm the same. Up one minute, aggressively chasing the next. It's mental. Some of us suffer, some of us have control. Simple
  2. It's lose/losing, not loosing. Sorry, this grates on me. Same boat here. You say, "lose control", and in that state you're just chasing. I've been there and gone from $5 bets up to $500. It is rather annoying. Some people will have control, I kinda don't.
  3. Rams ML Lions +7.5 Jags +7.5 Bengals vs Packers - Over 49 Patriots - 7 Cardinals ML Cowboys ML Chiefs vs Bills - Over 56
  4. 355 make it through to week 3.
  5. Despite being a Titans fan, I fully agree Seattle are the pick here. Browns seem the consensus pick. Good luck with the picks and the parlays!
  6. At discretion of your host. I've been given $5/day with little activity, so it's likely they'll look at profit/loss and wagered over 14 days/month.
  7. What are all these people talking about? Monthly bonus hasn't hit yet, just pre-monthly, unless I'm mistaken of course.
  8. Or just don't gamble and have enough money for your daughter's birthday! Sad.
  9. Lordsgc casino: DICE: 55,970,697,283 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00568038 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005796 DICE: 55,971,402,832 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00580632 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005925 DICE: 55,972,164,891 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00568548 Multiplier 0x Profit -0.00568548 DICE: 55,973,916,468 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00565896 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005774 DICE: 55,974,608,349 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00566712 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005783 DICE: 55,976,960,764 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00571608 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005833 DICE: 55,977,385,472 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00570486 Multiplier 0x Profit -0.00570486 DICE: 55,977,893,338 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00570384 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005820 DICE: 55,978,170,770 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00569262 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005809 DICE: 55,978,457,989 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00570078 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005817 DICE: 55,978,744,699 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00569466 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005811 DICE: 55,978,952,257 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00569364 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005810 DICE: 55,983,171,726 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00569262 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005809 DICE: 55,983,539,291 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00568038 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005796 DICE: 55,984,036,892 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00569568 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005812 DICE: 55,984,235,829 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00569058 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005807 DICE: 55,984,480,758 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00567630 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005792 DICE: 55,984,676,546 placed by lordsgc on 14/09/2021 Wagered 0.00565998 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00005775 8.00, 5.55, 1.50, 98.00, 7.77, 70.00, 1.00, 20.00, 85.00, 77.77, 99.99, 94.00, 60.00, 30.00, 92.00, 2.50, 40.00, 91.00
  10. I'm pretty sure the last few have been on the Friday, so that's the reason I'm saying it. I hope it is earlier.
  11. Seeing as the promotion is now locked, I thought I would start a thread and see how everyone is getting on. I noticed a number didn't get their first pick in and a few fell away, so approx. 450 players left standing. Interested to know who people fancy this week? I am torn between Green Bay and Tampa.
  12. Thanks Jooshee. My weekly as Plat2 is typically around 0.0015 and rarely any lower. I know it isn't as simple as applying a % to wagered else we wouldn't be on here debating, though I generally run the rule of thumb of around 0.001 for the monthly and will take that. I did check the site and it does seem that profit seems to have been removed from the explanation on calculations, so you're right there. Quick question to the group. Is monthly determined on last month wagered or wagered since previous monthly bonus? As the monthly was given out on the 13th of last month, I naturally hammered quite a lot of wagering that day and I'm now seeing my stats reflect this as it falls off from my monthly wagered. If it is not wagered since last bonus, I need to learn to vault it for a couple of days.
  13. Then surely things would be easier to work out? It would be a % of wagered, but there's never any consistency in that. So, what are the other variables if it isn't profit and loss? Have they just removed this factor because I'm sure it was previously stated that this is taken into account. Cheers.
  14. Tennessee Titans. I guess both of us have little to shout about after week 1.
  15. I'd guess at around $700. I think a lot of it depends on how much you've actually lost. I really have no idea how some of these things are worked out, but monthly seems to be a lesser % than weekly in pretty much all of my cases.
  16. Not so sure about that? If that was the case I would be on for 350 and that ain't happening
  17. That would be ideal. I could then hopefully use this to get my level up. <5% to go I'm going to say Friday the 17th.
  18. No complaints from me when I had@Bojana. She was readily available or would make me aware if not. Now I'm with @Tamara and so far so good.
  19. Maybe just try another game, or quit and leave if you're unhappy. Someone should be able to provide you the true odds of hitting 2.0, but it won't be evens for sure. Plus, if you're increasing your bet you'll feel like you're hitting more reds because your balance will disappear a lot quicker. We all get frustrated, but I've had sequenced wins as well as sequenced losses. I've doubled up on roulette to the point I'm placing $500 bets and I've won and lost these, but I don't come on here whinging about it when it doesn't go my way.
  20. You can't avoid bad streaks and you can't come on and guarantee making however much from however much during a session. I could have a bank roll of £10,000 and look to make £15, but I can assure you a bad run is never too far away however small a percentage point you're trying to make. Even after hitting 1.00 on Limbo, or the one number you didn't back on Roulette, there's no guarantee the next one won't be 1.00 or that same number. Look, you're doing one thing right and avoiding martingale and trying to be sensible, though herein lays the problem. Your mind will convince you that the probability of hitting 5 really low numbers in a row is massive and there won't be a 6th. You'll take this information, raise bet and go again, only to lose again because the truer odds are independent from previous plays. Then you're in a predicament; do I raise, walk-away, etc. and for most of us on here, it's another raise and sometimes another loss. Best of luck, but if any strat was possible we would all do it and we would all be quite rich.
  21. I'm not sure how Max Bet works in the settings as I always have this turned off, but perhaps you didn't and it somehow staked all of your chips? Imagine if it'd have won though.
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