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  1. Optimost blue for the lucky color💙
  2. Just found out I have this one🤩
  3. hello ms ubbey, thank you for this great and such an inspiring post. My biggest wish this Christmas is that may the Lord our God heal our land and the whole world so that everything will be back to normal. And to keep my family safe and healthy is always my top priority. And to my stake family,more years to cheers through wins and losses, boss Eddie, all admins, supports, mod's, all person who is behind the long live of stake,advance merry Christmas to all of us. Keep safe everyone,cheers for the wins.
  4. Optimost

    Weekly Giveaway

    as long as you have the tickets,you have the chance to win☺️
  5. Optimost


    welcome to stake family .cheers for the wins🍻
  6. thank you so much already found it.Have a great day☺️
  7. After maintenance I cannot find the Filipino chatroom. I already log in log out,clear cache,reset my phone,delete chrome and install again but still there is no Filipino chatroom on my tab. Hoping to fix it soon thank you☺️.
  8. your so lucky congrats to you
  9. I don't have any strategy in limbo just pure autobet in wagering
  10. it took me 6months to grind from gold to plat1,my current rank of course is platinum1☺️
  11. HILO: 57,954,074,896 placed by Optimost on 05/10/2021 Wagered 0.95060000 Multiplier 4.1899385x Profit 3.03235541
  12. happy stake birthday,cheers for the wins🥳🎉🍻
  13. I don't have any rituals just a normal playing
  14. congrats to all lucky winners🥳🥳🎉🎉
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