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  1. First of all - you were clearly harvesting for the 1000 posts giveaway, therefore the long lamentations and complaints that you have written after it was closed. You can find old topic and respond to it if you have some valuable input to give. However, your "responding to topics" was entering the Introduction Board and spamming each and every user's intro there. It lasted for 2 days, on the 3rd day I noticed it, you got a warning. Yes, the warning point can be removed, after I see that your behavior has improved and you are not on this Forum only to collect the points and satoshi, but to be a contributing and valuable member of the community. Your appeal period is after one month, please, contact us then.
  2. Account

    Please, contact us on support so that we could solve this, @Ramtekebank
  3. Diamond's Worth

    I fully understand this @eldrindcm, that it is a part of the "strategy/tactics", but it is still a lame one, in my opinion I presume you are all scared of the HRs that have won the majority of the previous giveaways, but Diamond Poker, especially giveaways such as this one, really, really, really depends purely on your luck
  4. Please review this so called 'spam'.

    To be fair, I would not hide this one, it was a legit comment and connected to the topic
  5. Please review this so called 'spam'.

    Not sure what this thread was about, I need the link to review, but I presume @maverick528 can explain it to you, I'm sure he didn't remove it without a valid reason Yes, you are allowed to comment as well
  6. Diamond's Worth

    Mirela and I were discussing whether to give you 100 satoshi bet amount and collecting them all, all the colors or to give you 1k bet amount and just hitting one 5-of-a-kind Are you saying we should have done the 1st option The prizes are high, we needed to have some corresponding requirements for it Really, @OlegBarca? Well, that's not a point of the giveaway then, we need to set some more strict rules next time
  7. Stake is Better Then The Other Site !!!

    Glad to be here and help you, naldi Since it is your introduction topic, tell us more about yourself!
  8. Diamond's Worth

    If you all make me check bets on the last day, I swear to God...
  9. Diamond's Worth

    Hahaha, Oleg adding new rules It is a good idea, I agree actually!
  10. My Stake song - “Busted Now” 🎶

    I can sing this one on German:
  11. My Stake song - “Busted Now” 🎶

    Then how is it supposed to be a duet? Shall I do the male vocals also?
  12. Diamond's Worth

    Are you sure, @xtinepink, I get them really, really often, maybe the change of seed is in order ============================================================================================= The point of the giveaways is for you to compete, have fun in the process and earn while doing it If you hide the bets, I don't see how you are making it interesting... you can post them the last day and still lose, if everyone does it that way, cause you won't have time to hit it again
  13. Starting this topic so we could all share bets that have... wait for it... BLOWN our minds! Feel free to post your big wins and losses, any Mines related doubts, etc, so that we could discuss it further ♥ And welcome to the MineField, thread carefully!
  14. Another one, this has been a blasphemy last few days
  15. My Stake song - “Busted Now” 🎶

    Hahahahaha, that's how Darko heard me as well, I was totally unaware I was singing *blushes* I actually have a file somewhere on my old PC, my friend and I have made a duet Pink & Nate Russ - "Just Give Me a Reason" If I would share it, he would kill me for sure!