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  1. Bojana

    If emoji can be add to you usename.

    😋 I even bought a cushion like this!
  2. Bojana

    Last letter game!!

  3. Bojana

    What are you Listening to?

    For some unknown reason, I remembered this oldie a few days ago 😋
  4. Bojana

    Last letter game!!

  5. Bojana

    coeghacked scammer

    Is this one settled down?
  6. Bojana

    Faucet Information & FAQ

    You're welcome, @wry, always happy to help/clarify the doubts No, this is not a requirement anymore neither, forgot to mention that Thank you for your kind words ❣️
  7. Bojana

    Faucet Information & FAQ

    The faucet replacement will be posted in the Announcement section as soon as this feature is close to implementation As far as the other question is concerned, this is not correct, someone misinformed you or you have mixed us up with some more strict sites. You can withdraw the 0.002 BTCs if you reach them from faucet, this has never been a limitation Good luck in betting!
  8. Thumbs up for this one, @xtinepink, you have some really great suggestions indeed 👍
  9. Bojana

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Me tooooooooooooo, jfghbnswjvnLSZDnsorfgnfbhsb 😎 Low-quality post, ban incoming
  10. Bojana

    Eye Tattoo

    Tell us more
  11. Bojana

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Which cake, this cake? 😋🎂
  12. Bojana

    Different type of Books!

    Hahahaha, this one might be quite useful WTF? I don't actually consider this one odd, just Burton's style, kinda suiting And yes, I would like to know what it is about/purchase it 😋
  13. Plus one for this, it is super cute, hope @Dan finds the way to get it back, dunno how safe from ddos Forum is now *fingers-crossed*
  14. I like crypto for the speed, and volatility is kinda (sucks to admit, but...) an adrenaline rush