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  1. Which support is your favorite

    You have broken my heart, @Snike, I thought we had something!
  2. Supports

    Thank you for your kind words, @frielkolby! ♥ I hope more people vote here so that we could get more feedback and improve if we are doing something wrong What does this other question refer to at, I'm not sure I understand?
  3. Why stake is a fair game.

    Yes, Stake is provably fair and you can verify all of your bets on the site itself or by using this Third Party Verification Tool, non-Stake related one You can read it all about the Provably Fair system on this page, all supported by simple tutorials on how to verify your bets as well: https://stake.com/fairness/overview Let us know on the Support platform if you have any more doubts!
  4. @xtinepink's Xenophon
  5. A never ending thread (last post wins)

    I'm not locking this here out of sheer kindness of my heart
  6. Last letter game!!

  7. Username/Name Origin

    Wow, this one is an awesome one, I knew there were layers underneath, couldn't have been that simple as dubstep reference! Thanks for sharing, @77kdub! ♥ Hello, Vlad, we have quite a few VladS here on Stake Kargai's cooking, it is in the prenuptial *coughs*
  8. Username/Name Origin

    Yeah, @maverick528, that's why I called her "Peaceful River" there, @Etude tends to make a combo from our names You have a beautiful name, @Kargai, glad to know this now (when we sign the wedding papers and all it would have been a shocker ) Well, ofc, we had no other doubts, it has been popular for naming children lately, yeah, like Khaleesi!
  9. Username/Name Origin

    As @remember already said, I like your ambition, and good luck with it, ofc! Also, adding Mr in front of it is a nice, classy touch! Hahaha, Admin? We have a lot of real names here, I guess I am surprised, tbh Me too, many tricky ones, I bet they hide an interesting background story, but to shy to share My peaceful (river) as @Etude likes to call us Thanks, @SuddenlyBroke Yeah, you do understand how this Susan made all the confusion at first And what about Skillful, your chat nick? Your name translated in Serbian would be Života, meaning exactly the same as you described it And he has been confirmed! Oh, this one is interesting! I thought you were German over the gutten part The layers of Kargai keep reappearing You were a graffiti artist as well??? This is not your real nameeee???? I lived in a delusion for the past months This is one of the stories I was looking for, love it! Vixen in English is a feisty girl, usually argumentative one (I have been called this, yes! xD) or a female fox, so both awesome Your name is also extremely beautiful, always imagined my first kid (when I have one) to be named Viktor(ia). Thank you! Wow, I knew I heart the word somewhere before, it was during the high-school music classes! Yeah, it is great, but you need the ChatKing as a bank or something as well? Oh, I thought it was over Skrillex or something

    Thank you, @coolpens, for reaching out, you have helped us restrict the abuser and saved other forum users from falling into trap, which is a feature of a truly quality community member The problem of "stolen identities", impersonators and similar nicknames is a problem that has followed us from Primedice. I therefore recommend all the Stakers to claim their name/nick on time, and also open a Forum account under it even if they are not going to use it immediately Better safe than sorry! Also, if anyone else has this same situation happening to them, he/she should reach out to us on support to have its account reclaimed/report the impersonator. Us from the support, as well as the moderators, keep the right to ban/prevent from using chat/Forum any account we find suspicious in not being the real owner, or making a similar nickname to another user in order to indulge in any form of abuse/scam of the community! Stay strong and thank you!
  11. Chat Rules

    I presumed it was not only once, rack, but didn't feel like digging through the chatlogs
  12. Username/Name Origin

    Wow, this one is an interesting one, thanks for sharing When you say your name, you refer to this one you use on Stake or...? Cause I was asking about that nick Hun-Hun, or Double Hun, I remember this one, yeah! Rack, you basically made yourself in both stories, I love the concepts So, eldrindcm is like us, and plus, we should hire him for support
  13. Username/Name Origin

    As you all already know, us from your lovely 24/7 Support team, use our real names as a definitive mark or recognition on the chat accompanied with that shiny green S in the front I have noticed some of the users having really interesting nicknames under which they play here on Stake and I would like to know how you got them and if there is a background story for getting your nick. Is is your real name as well? Is there some interesting concept behind creating it or was it just a random mix of letters/numbers and not important at all? Looking forward to hearing from you!
  14. Last letter game!!

  15. Q&A with Bojana ♥

    Exactly my point, you turn your back to the cooker for one minute and bam! Bechamel becomes black, which is not the point at all Perfect, @Kargai Not in my plans, @GodLoft, not much of a streamer, really