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  1. Bojana

    Little bug on Balance

    If you are using two or more accounts at the same time, from different browsers, then this might occur.
  2. Bojana

    Withdrawal Restrictions?

    As you have responded above, minimal withdrawal amount for ETH is 0.01 ETH, fee is 0.0003 ETH deducted from that overall sum, and for BTC it is 0.002, and the fee is the same, 0.0003 BTC from the overall sum. Minimum forum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC only (for now, at least) There used to be a "deposit, to be able to withdraw feature", but admins have decided to remove that requirement for quite some time. If you need more info, let us know, here, or on the support platform
  3. Bojana

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    I see we have some new participants here Welcome aboard!
  4. Bojana

    Last letter game!!

    Neverland @Marija 😘
  5. Bojana

    Count in pictures

  6. Bojana

    Eth per post

    It is Forum-related, so the board is okay
  7. Bojana

    How to paste a bet in chat

    You might need to post the bet on chat, to show it to the fellow chatters or on the giveaway section, if you hit the winning bet under that week's requirements
  8. To prevent the abuse of this feature, of course, @niki014, as with all the other restrictions
  9. Bojana

    Stake Blanked

    Try a different one, please, the standard browser on your phone might be overflown
  10. Bojana

    Little bug on Balance

    Hotkeys memorize the last click that you have made with your mouse, so this might be an issue sometimes. Do you get error of "exceeding your limits" in these cases, please?
  11. Bojana

    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    Thank you, @Paecga129, and cheers to another year indeed! 🍀🍻 Hahaha, interesting suggestion, @wilbur, something like a loyalty awards?
  12. Bojana

    HI! I try eat all eth!

    Hello, @krashai Welcome to the Stake platform and Stake Forum, hope you have fun here
  13. Bojana

    📢 New Feedback Resource!

    Please, @haisenberg999, use English in the English-speaking sections, you can easily achieve this by using any online translator.
  14. Bojana

    📢 TitleBot launched on chat box

    Yes, it is, mostly for YouTube links, but displays the other links posted on chat too
  15. Bojana

    Having alt accounts - Rules

    Always happy to help! 🍀