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  1. Just dropping by to say 'hiiiiii', stay safe & sound, #stayhome and love for @Faris 🥰❤️
  2. Currently obsessing over The Magicians and can't wait for each new episode to be aired https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4254242/ It is witty, has a good layered fantasy plot (based on the book trilogy by Lev Grossman), and I really dig their humor, the crew that was chosen to play is magnificent Eliot and Margo absolutely rock my world ❤️
  3. This one is interesting for sure, since we all thought that you used L there just because the letter I was taken Thanks for this, evet, and YES, we will be adopting this positive attitude from now on 🍀
  4. As for the KYC, sorry, I have no precise information regarding this, since such a big step depends solely on the upper management's decisions. Just SMS promos, yes, no calls, and ofc, all the user data is protected on our site, we are bound by the ToS to do so, so there is really no need to worry regarding any of it, especially this newly added feature.
  5. Hey guys Not sure if this issue has been resolved by now, but just in case it is not, make sure to post all the questions regard the official DiceBot on this thread: DiceBot is an extension of the site, a reliable bot by the long-term Respected Member of the community, but it is not Stake's official bot, so we do not do direct support for it, sorry I hope the thread helps and you find your answers there; I will be locking this one now. Cheers! 🍀
  6. Hello, @Ieyta91 Welcome to Stake community! Please, could you explain in more depth what bonus you refer to specifically, so that we could try and assist you with this? 🤑
  7. Heya, Kormit Thank you for making this topic and let me try to give you some basic information about it. The step of adding this is not obligatory at all, we respect KYC policies and the reminder was sent as a part of the Marketing Program our Team runs. To sum it up - some of the Stake promotions Marketing Team conducts and will conduct in the future will be done via this medium. It is also another layer of the protection for your account I hope this covers it and clarifies it for now. If you have any additional doubts, please, do not hesitate to contact us directly on Live Support platform. Enjoy your day! 🍀