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  1. I think you should read the whole thread before posting
  2. This means that you and your friends would have problems if you play from the same location
  3. Heya, Sean Happy to see that you have reached the 50th post, that is 51 now If you refer to earning via Forum, yeah, the assessment period for you has been finished, so you will start earning satoshi with each new topic or post you make here Here is the full system on how the forum rewards are distributed: Please, note that rewards have been reduced in the past month, since we have had some serious abuse of the PPP system lately. They might be boosted again, if the management deems it safe again. Cheers! 🍀
  4. Update: Hey, I haven't forgotten this I checked it the other day and yes, you are right, the Race on mobile displays only top 10 places, not 25/50, again unless you wish to check via Desktop Site mode. Will forward this to the devs to check if it could be added, or if it was omitted on purpose Thanks for the feedback once again, @GKD09! Cheers! 🍀
  5. Oh, lovely, really had no idea you had kids 😁 It is reasonable that she likes how slots look like, they are mesmerizing 😍 *no underage gambling, please*
  6. Awwww, you have a daughter, Sheenazbay? How old is she?
  7. You are most welcome I can't check the other inquiry at the moment, since there is no active Race at the moment, but will keep you updated as soon as I check
  8. No need to delete it, we have an open ear for any suggestions, just need to hear the feedback from the community in something is desirable or not
  9. *cough, cough* *drinks tea and watches you all spam* 😇
  10. Fake rum? 🤔 What are the impressions of it?
  11. Just started it I love Jostein's style from before and this will be an interesting brain food for sure
  12. Hello, Niki Thank you for this suggestion, but it has already been made in the past and opted out as a redundant one You should be able to send user a message if you wish to tip him/her and let them know, therefore tipping Friends is always considered an act of kindness, no additional notes required! Let's not forget this is an online casino customarily, and not a social media
  13. Heya, GKD Thank you for making this topic. Please, tell me, do you have the latest version of the phone system as well as the browser from which you are accessing Stake? When you click on your Transactions>Bets, at the end of the page there should be option to shuffle 'Previous - Next' page, same as it is in the desktop version of the site. If I understood well the inquiry you made And you can always use the Desktop Version from your phone device too, for example on Google Chrome, you click on the three dots in the upper right corner and all you need to do is tick this "Desktop site" to access it. You use the same process to exit back to mobile version I hope this helped a bit, let me know if you need any additional clarification, please 😎
  14. Heya, Mike Thank you for this suggestion, I sincerely hope devs take it into the consideration. The point of brightness is actually to mimic the real life casinos and the experience users might be having there, I presume. Stake was brighter in the past, much more colorful, so the latest version is a toned out one For now, I suggest reducing the brightness of your monitor or phone screen There are some options to use special type of glasses with the anti-glare protection while you are using your desktop device in general, not just for Stake, in case you want to protect your eyes from the negative effects of staring at the screen for a long periods of time. Thank you, once again, for your suggestion and keep them coming! 🍀
  15. Has to be a winning line, so basically if those were, both 1 or 9 would be eligible... You need a winning line with those doggos, you need to beat them to escape the underworld 😉
  16. Hey, that's not really nice 🎃👻🦇
  17. Same goes for mine, I listed in the requirements - order of bets does not matter at all 😉🎃
  18. That makes sense, but in the overall profit, you still lost half of your bet And red means loss, while we need a winning bet You still have plenty of time to collect the winning one, by the end of the week! 🍀