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  1. Ummm, hello, do you know me?!?! 😏😌 #notevenmyfinalform 😒
  2. Nah, I'm gonna sing these two by Halsey 🥳
  3. Coming from you sounds a bit bitter and sarcastic, but thanks anyway 😌
  4. Will do, that's what I am best at
  5. #BillieEilishnumberonefan 🧐 #finishedSeeaswell 🙃
  6. Heard that one from my Deezer dealer the other day (And on Twitter 🤓)
  7. Mocking is allowed only if gif/meme is made 😏 I take your sad song and raise you a sadder one
  8. Yeah, guys, it is Monday, so the general mood is no more party, no more anything... 😏 v v
  9. Heya, Will Unfortunately, no, those who use the Wild Card have just earn the Immunity, not the prize, it still makes you eligible for the final award, but it does not makes you eligible for that particular challenge. It is explained in Maja's "Spoiler" there, as the opening challenge, the usage of the Wild Card and its perks: Hope this helps clarify any doubts 😎
  10. Song for you, Puggy, helps a lot in making this call 😘 "...So go light that cigarette, I hope your lungs can take the heartache!" 🚬
  11. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! ❤️
  12. Come on, ThePug, you gotta admit I found the epic gif there
  13. Sorry, I couldn't help myself We love you, Puggy! ❤️ I won't, don't worry 🥰
  14. I don't hate you either, you get to live another day
  15. But you thought it was, so we are giving you the benefit of the doubt 😘
  16. He does 😋 Owl, swallows, sparrow, hummingbird, eagles over the mountains and some we prolly don't know yet 😂
  17. Shawn is Dennis's fan too? 😋🥰
  18. Exactly, you just write your entry there not as a bet ID, but as "I am using my Wild Card from the Iron Chest challenge" In the end you will have 6/7 chests open (if you catch the remaining ones from the Silver Chest and further on) and still be eligible for the final prize in the end
  19. You know red is my favorite color 🥰
  20. Fine, I will find some other company 😌 Enjoy! 😘
  21. Well, if you insist 😌 you know where to find me 😜
  22. You used to be funny, dunno what happened to your sense of humor? Dead? 🙄