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    You are banned!

    @HighDamage, you are banned cause you have questions about the challenges before we have a chance to read them
  2. Sooooo... who is still active on this thread?
  3. Bojana

    Visit Romania

    Hello there I can confirm this, since I've been to Romania for the New Year's Eve of 2019 Bucharest is so clean and organized, people are so friendly, it was ornamented so nicely for the NYE celebration, and we visited many other locations too - Pelesh Castle Bran Castle, old church where body of Vlad Tzepesh was buried (his head was sent to Turkish sultan in a jar of honey), Black Lake, small town of Brashov... ❤️ I enjoyed every minute of it and I am definitely coming back to Romania on another tour at least, Transylvania is amazing in any season 🍀 Peles Castle: Bran Castle: Brashov:
  4. Heya I love connecting souvenirs from my journey's, I have a fridge covered in magnets as well, postcards and similar little figurines However, my favorite souvenir so far was from my recent summer holiday I was in Alanya, Turkey, and I bought a Shisha/hookah Mine is just red! Used it with my friends a few times while at the parties and now it is on top of the shelf staying there as a lovely ornament Thanks for reminding me to use it again!
  5. And who is your favorite Bond, please? An applause of support for the original Suga! 😎 I love this background story for a username, this is what I made this topic for - creative and meaningful to the core ❣️
  6. 1st one is posted, yes, you can find it on the Events board of the Stake Challenges 😇 Good luck, folks, enjoy the quest! ✨
  7. Heya, Love Birds! Thank you for participating in this one and sorry about the delayed payment The prizes will be distributed in the following manner: Prize Pool 1st place: 0.0005 BTC - @maxpayne25 💞 2nd place: 0.0003 BTC - @nikowin88 💘 3rd place: 0.0002 BTC - @GKD09 💖 4th-23rd place will share the remaining 150k, each of them winning 0.00011540 BTC (Love for @Faris only ❣️)
  8. Helloooooo. DJ! Welcome to Live Support team, we are happy to have you on board! I love the poem, I hope you won't become 'kocosh', as we like to call it, at least based on this thematic Everyone, great the new Milan, pls, and let's welcome him aboard! 🍀
  9. Thank you for the positive feedback so far, guys, we will make sure you enjoy this new hunt from Monday
  10. February Treasure Hunt 🧭 Dear Stakers, We have something amazing prepared for the upcoming month What expects you is a series of challenges, all of them connected, with huge prize pools that will only be increasing, with interesting twists and wild cards, and, of course, even more surprises at the very end for those most diligent ones who managed to fulfill them all by the end of the month 💰 Stay tuned, and make sure to check our Events section of the forum on Monday, 3rd of February, and read all the requirements carefully - this won't be your typical type of a challenge Stake community got used to in the past 😎 Enjoy the upcoming hunting, Challenge-lovers, Stake Team wishes you all best of luck when you embark on this adventurous voyage! 🍀 P.S. As soon as the challenges are posted, we will be using this thread for any potential questions and/or doubts users might have.
  11. I won't be participating of course, since I am the one organizing this one, but I would be the one to start the love-sharing thread to give an example I tag @Faris as the next one to reply to it ❤️
  12. Pre-Valentine's Mood Heya, Lovebirds 💞 I am organizing this week's Discord challenge as a prelude to the upcoming Valentine's Day. We will be tagging people we love the most here on Stake, the ones who make our day and are the rays of sunshine in the chat, the ones who we consider true friends on Stake and, who knows, some of them might even be more You have complete freedom, and I expect to see that person tagged on Discord (if he/she is not there, ask them to join, please) and for you to give explanation why you like or love him/her, maybe give us some interesting interaction what you guys had, a photo if you two met in real life, or simply a reason why you consider this person has brought positivity and joy to your Stake experience ❤️ Ideal would be for you to tag one person only, and get them to Discord to reply as well, but if you have a few of them to tag, of course, feel free to, but let's set the limit to max 3 people there. I will start this challenge on Discord by tagging @Faris there and you can read my reply on the #english channel shortly ❣️ P.S. This is a Discord challenge, so please comment there and post your screenshots here on this topic. Prize Pool 1st place: 0.0005 BTC 2nd place: 0.0003 BTC 3rd place: 0.0002 BTC 4th-13th place: 0.0001 BTC 14th-23th place: 0.00005 BTC Stay loving and kind, people! 💖
  13. New photo without consulting me, wow, betrayals keep lining up 😏
  14. The other one is not grammatically correct. Just say "Pathetic" instead, much easier 😉 Happy New Year, Never-ending spammers on this thread 🍻✨🎉🎊♥️🎄☃️❄️
  15. Well, you definitely did make me laugh 😁 Don't get arrested again, just a couple of days more, endure, you legend! 😎👏🏻
  16. Most epic photo string ever ❤️ Here is me at home > Here is me in the beach bar > Here is me getting arrested! 😋