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  1. Someone needs to stop @Mrboss with a ban!
  2. Bojana

    Lie to me!

    Nope, @rack001, one more shot!
  3. Bojana

    Lie to me!

    Okaaaay... 1) I love binge watching TV shows and spending hours talking about the TV shows I am currently obsessed with. 2) My favorite game on Stake is ChartBet. 3) Everyone told me I make the most delicious lasagna they have ever tried.
  4. You are asking about the emojies on an official Stake chat or on the support chat? On the support chat we have the emojies, and on the official one, you can always post emojies from your mobile. As for adding them on the chat itself, as a component, I guess this could be suggested to the developers, but I doubt it can be on the list of the priorities soon
  5. We need that blue smiling button in the bottom right corner for easy access!
  6. Thank you, Stakers, for your SUPPORT as well! It is always a pleasure to work with people that cooperate with us and helping in general is what we are here for, but there is always place for improvement, so let us know what we should change/add/remove from support's response
  7. @ThugStream has none, since he's pro at busting
  8. One special for @Irena : Huge fan of this one as well, and I like how they give them cars for commercial solely
  9. As @Kargai already explained, it will be replaced really soon, and your levels will have a new purpose For now, they help you unlock new cool avatars!
  10. Deed *annoys @Snike on purpose!*
  11. No worries, @Katarina, wish I was there as well, to help you empty the shelves And I shall try looking for a book online, order it or find it in PDF, I trust @Kargai's judgement
  12. Why, thank you, wasn't expecting to win this one so ez
  13. I think we are at a point of announcing the winner today, aka ME!