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  1. What am I supposed to realize, I know everything already?
  2. My New Year's decision is to keep spamming this topic, let's make it realistic, who's with me? 😁🤗
  3. Heya, Sean Since this is not an official Stake exchange, you are only allowed to provide the link to the Dina's official forum topic if you wish to assist that user. Nothing else... all of that in order to keep it as neutral as you can 😉
  4. Hello again, Stakers I want to thank everyone for participating This is the following ranking based on the number of points: Prize Pool 1st place: 0.0005 BTC - @artizykristy 🥰 2nd place: 0.00035 BTC - @giorgim6666 😎 3rd place: 0.0003 BTC - @Faris 😘 4th-13th place (to include all participants that had 7 points): 0.00005 BTC: 4. EhanHunz 5. ares123 6. mhasandx 7. Computer 8. barbaris 9. htetaungxx 10. Robin21 11. sofia 12. kavasupienu 13. Menang Thanks again, everyone, I will credit you in a few minutes, this has been an interesting promo to host indeed! 🍀
  5. The Swift Scout 🍄 Ends: 12/16/19 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirements: Win a bet in Mines with the following settings - 11 Diamonds, 10 mines (3232.84x multiplier) and the given mushroom pattern: Minimum bet: 0.00000100 0.00003500 0.00005000 0.00017000 3.40000000 0.03300000 0.52000000 Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion. Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion. 10+ Post count on the forum. Prize Pool(s): (based on the number of unique players) Minimum prize pool: 0.01 BTC If over 30 participants: 0.03 BTC If over 40 participants: 0.05 BTC If over 50 participants: 0.06 BTC If over 200 participants: 0.08 BTC How to Enter: Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below)
  6. Hola again, Stakers! This weekend we are going to take a tour around some of the Europe major leagues and show our skills in predicting exact scores and winners! Wish you all a lovely weekend, and we hope you would join us in yet another soccer challenge on Discord!⚽ If you guess the correct score you will get 3 points for that game but if you just guess correct outcome (home/away win or draw) you will get 1 point for that match. For example, if you predict "home team" 4 - 1 "away team" and that is the actual final score you will get 3 points but if the "home team" win 2-0 you would get 1 point as you guessed home win correctly. Matches are the following: Manchester City - Manchester UTD Monaco - Amiens Bayer Leverkusen - Schalke Lazio - Juventus Zwolle - Az Alkmaar Aston Villa - Leicester Marseille - Bordeaux Torino - Fiorentina Union Berlin - Koln Betis - Ath Bilbao Tiebreaker: guess the number of visitors on Lazio - Juventus match. Requirements: Make your predictions in Stake Discord server and post a screenshot of them here. Predictions must be posted prior to the start of the first match (prior to 17:30 pm GMT on 7th December). Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules! Prize Pool 1st place: 0.0005 BTC 2nd place: 0.00035 BTC 3rd place: 0.0003 BTC 4th-10th place: 0.00005 BTC Good luck! 🍀
  7. I knew I should have made that left turn at Albuquerque
  8. Oh, lovely, thank you for adding more info to my initial post, @sheenazbay All of this makes perfect sense to me as well That is what I would like to know too, who got this idea and why did he/she connected it to the big almighty Time!
  9. Heya, Sean Not all of the boards on Stake Forum are PPP There is a tendency to change the paid sections order, not to encourage people posting only in the ones that they know in advance they will receive incentive for, and not to encourage people to use Forum as faucet replacement of a sort, but more as a platform to commute, help each other, and contribute - incentive is given for that, at least that was the initial plan. So, this varies, and the best way to 'hunt' for Forum awards is to post in different sections, and all over the Forum, sometimes in General, sometimes in Stake Discussions, and sometimes in News, for example
  10. I believe your Appeal has been covered, so, please, make sure to check it there on the Appeal page I will lock this one since it is resolved now. Cheers! 🍀
  11. Heya, folks Thank you for the amazing feedback! So good to know you are digging the whole concept of the Sports Betting here on Stake and you definitely gave us some food for thought on what to improve further I will forward these reviews to our Sports Managers and, hopefully, some of the suggestions will be able to come through, that is, be realized in some of the future updates Once again, thank you all, and sorry for a bit delayed payment of this, will send tips shortly on the chat to all the winners. Stay in green profit! 🍀 Prizes: 1st place: 0.0005 BTC - @Philip74 2nd place: 0.0003 BTC - @nuuuitsjdragon 3rd place: 0.0002 BTC - @CaptainLorca 4th-13th place: 0.0001 BTC - for all the remaining participants Cheers! ❤️
  12. Oh, I didn't think they were making fun of me, just wanted to emphasize it was definitely an overstatement Annnnddd, I stand corrected, thanks
  13. Yup, just contact us, please, we will send you the info!