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  1. I don't understand what kind of new slots this is going to be? You mean the current Slots machine game will have more columns / rows / lines selections or there will be some new game?
  2. DreamStage

    All in

    When i know that probabily I have the best hands on the table from my oponents or when i think i have to bluff and i will win the trade that's a good moment for me to all in. You should take care as an ALL IN might be usefull as a Poker strategy as well making your oponent follow up with his all in as well.
  3. Currently i am gambling (invested as i have deposited) into: - Bitcoin - Because the price is volatile and it's the best active coin on the market ofc. - Dogecoin - Because i have alot of balance to gamble at a high red streak amount chance and so far so good i have been winning slow and steady. - Ethereum - There are new technologies on the horizont and i have alot of balance to gamble with as well
  4. Hum interesting Topic information, i do really appreciate the amount of effort you put in which made me learn some stuff. I still have to disagree on the Martingale data which is busting after specific red streak: I am using some strategy atm that uses Martingale and have not yet busted since more than half a year, i have only changed the seed. So that's for not all martingale strategies i believe.
  5. The crypto space is making a comeback and the rally is being led by altcoins. While several altcoins might participate in the initial rally, we believe that the market will start differentiating between each cryptocurrency based on its fundamentals. Hence, traders should avoid buying the non-performers expecting a repeat of the previous bull market when every altcoin staged a parabolic rally. Full Source News: https://cointelegraph.com/news/price-analysis-jan-15-btc-eth-xrp-bch-bsv-ltc-eos-bnb-trx-xmr Bitcoin has been decreasing his price growth over the course of this week. Normally due to no news about Iran or US about previous Attacks and only due to upcoming Halving. Not only that but Ethereum and Ripple have been following Bitcoin's huge pump right after Binance added Futures to such currencies which brings it even more competitive with Bitcoin. All other active coins have been following the trend but you have to take care on which one you wish to invest or trade atm. Which ones are you investing / gambling with at the moment? Bitcoin, Ethereum , Ripple? Or any other currencies?
  6. Hello moonzy, Yes all bots are allowed even if you yourself using Stake's API. You just should know which API calls your account has privileges to query. I just don't have any, but giving you some advice about the API
  7. Quality post means if it's worth for other users... If adds some meaning and information as helpful for other users and our Forum Community as well. About Rewards being 0, here's my explanation:
  8. Well i see someone is from Brazil I am guessing BTG is BTG Pactual digital right? If it's that it will be held with a centralized company which is bad. Else just go for BTC. You can trade to other exchangers that are automatically like Coinbase (if accepts brazil transactions). And you send to your bank as fiat.
  9. Before Stake having his own Sportsbet Casino i was gambling at Betfair but only at Football. Now with Stake, it's much better for me, looks way better visually and i'm able to bet at Computer Games as Dota 2, League of Lengeds, CS and much more.
  10. It all depends on how much red streaks you had at one of both sides. Think of it as a probabilistic chance as 50%, if you had lost for instance at left side i would still bet at left till i reach some payout. The best is you not changing anything else your odds will change alot.
  11. India’s supreme court spent all day hearing arguments against the crypto banking ban by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Wednesday. The counsel for the Internet and Mobile Association of India presented extensive arguments to convince the court that the central bank acted outside its jurisdiction and power in placing a banking restriction on the crypto industry. Read Full News here: https://news.bitcoin.com/indian-supreme-court-hears-in-depth-arguments-against-rbi-ban/ I don't actually consider making the banks running an exchanger the best solution (as mentioned on the news) - becoming centralized. But i do think if they unban it and make it legalized it will be so cool for both Indians and Investors as more Investors will join from India and price will jump once again. Also i am just tired of hearing bad news about India banning everything and they must get to the bottom of the point and get themselfs a solution and allow cryptocurrencies for once and for all.