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  1. Always been mines so far, haven't been any big other multipliers rather than old chartbet bugged with +9900x payouts. Also had some very good ones on dice when was trying to get 100x when i first started at Stake.
  2. Got myself some nice profits during all month around 0.03, finally got some never ending strategy 🥳
  3. BetFragment doesn't exist at all it's called -> CasinoBet Remove ($amount: Float!, $currency: CurrencyEnum!, $startCard: HiloBetStartCardInput!) it's just for you to know variable types, therefore: mutation hiloBet { hiloBet(amount: 0.00000001, currency: doge, startCard: HiloBetStartCardInput INPUT VALUE) And the rest is self explanatory as i have mentioned
  4. Congratulations Stake on reaching 7 Billionth Bets Username: DreamStage
  5. If you follow those specific bots guides just like seuntjie bot you will get your instructions on how to use them. Try it: https://bot.seuntjie.com/ and follow the guidelines
  6. Well i don't have a typical cashout amount just because it all depends on my feelings if i have to withdraw or cashout or if my game is not looking so good on a daily basis. Overall i do find specific times for cashing out immediatly after some particular big wins or loses.
  7. Well you are wrong on the bleeding specualtion... Take for example Dogecoin: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dogecoin/#charts You can notice on last year the coin was up following other alts and bitcoin price rise.
  8. Are you using the same strategy, are you busting all of sudden without knowing why? Answer those questions and you will get your answers and solution to your problem. Try new strategies during specific minutes, also save some profits to your bank account or vault.
  9. I know this topic is very old but has quite few interesting latest replies... I do find interesting some informations that will surely help me making my own strategies in the future into blackjack. Also loved the deep explanation on some of the replies involving how to gamble in a more proper way with blackjack. Thank you for that.
  10. This topic will certainly be moved to price discussion where it belongs.... As for my speculative prediction i do believe it will go back to $13.000 mark from the investors perspectives as well new buyers. I think the drop was due to people panic selling thus taking their profits out from the market prices differences. Now price will keep rising due to the continuation of how good real life situations are as for the Libra speculative approach.
  11. Well if you take the opportunity into grabbing a job that requests you to find the best odds for gambling then yeah for sure. Nevertheless since you dont get income from a boss neither you declare your profits in some countries it is not considered as a profession.
  12. Well some use SEO, others use google ads and everything else but the main reason is there: advertisement for their company. They just grabbed the oportunity and reached out for it You can see how much they combined the same basis methods of other companies where they take some topic and asume it for their advertisement.