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  1. You should probabily build better strategies than the ones you are using at the moment. Basically don't go for direct bets as random chances just for quick profit if you don't have such balance to unless you have high balance amounts ofc just like High Rollers. Also you can build strategies from https://dicesites.com/tools I would rather prefer the low steady strategies rather than faster ones so i can have much higher chances of profiting and not losing my money
  2. My best game so far has been Mines. But not only Mines but i would also chose both Dice and Roulette. Roulette is one of the best games i started gambling where u could bet in so many possible ways and still come out with profit. Mines is my favourite because you have the chance to play with lots of low strategies meanwhile earning very low profit but able to lose with so many red streaks.
  3. In terms of an advertisement or show interest to new people, trying to make them join the site, information should be precise, that's the all point for Stake's Twitter. If you don't see the actual point here than you shouldn't even answer.
  4. I know how much it would have to be, but you are basically saying from the first Image that each Twitter follower should had checked the bet on the Casino site.... That's not how it should be else why would there be a tweet with an image of the bet itself... I was hoping for an additional answer such as: "And for the next time we will make sure everything will not happen again"
  5. I don't understand how hard it is to calculate such bet profits but this is just pure unprofessionalism since i have seen many already and it's time to make them properly: 0.005 x 350 = 1.75 Profit not 1.830 Same for other post: (Just check the comments...)