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  1. DreamStage

    Goodbye Ethereum Classic, Hello Ethereum Classic Vision

    Have you checked already Bitcointalk's thread? It is already mentioned and confirmed as scam so yes you should be scared off. Also claps on them for being checked till their bones and confirmed as scammers
  2. DreamStage

    Coinbase just quietly moved $5 Billion in Crypto

    Im glad to hear that sort of news coming from Coinbase since it's my main exchanger for both deposit and withdraw transactions. I've been using it for a while now and it never disapointed me except for one time where transactions where very very slowly due to the incoming's Bitcoin fork. Latest but not least that approch on moving their funds into other cold storage is a great +1 to everyone using Coinbase as they now know security has become even better against any sort of old attempts.
  3. DreamStage

    Netflix, what to watch?

    I will just leave a feedback from my own perspective from your series and the ones i wanna drop out as feedback: The 100 - Never watched but i saw the book and loved to, will certainly be my next one to watch for Stranger Things - Watched and it's just my favourite from Netflix (that's where i started to enjoy Netflix at all) Modern Family - Never watched and probabily will not The Rain - Never watched and probabily will not because its just not the type of series i would want to see The End of the F***ing World - Never watched and probabily will not Designated Survivor - Never watched and probabily will not Black Mirror - Watched Black Mirror: Bandersnatch didn't liked it it's tedious and boring... Just by those facts i will not watch it Orange is the New Black - Never watched and probabily will not How to Get Away With Murder - Never watched and probabily will not 13 Reasons Why - Never watched and probabily will not Riverdale - Never watched and probabily will not
  4. I would rather prefer to go with ALT coins since they have a much tidal wave influence into the prices. So you can get more ups and downs which means you can profit alot by just investing into those proper alts (the ones which have a high rate of success depending on specific amount of factors such as Market Cap, Current volume, is it an active coin being traded, white papers and everything else. About bitcoin is just feels mehhh as right now it's hard to get some good profit back meanwhile waiting for some fluctuations which are upward or downward swings in the prices of products in an economy.
  5. DreamStage

    Compound Safely With This Compounding Strategy.

    Well everyone could just stick to that mindset everytime they would start gambling, rather the fact that greediness will take into consideration and eventually breakdown everything you have worked for so far. That's because you say we should store into the vault some of our profits (which is how and what we should be doing). Nevertheless there are those people that if they lose their main balance (the one your making your bets, and profits with) they will most likely want to try and catch up their loses and will require to take them out of the vault just to cover up their reds. In the end it all goes down to self old estime if a Gambler is able to store them or not. (The profits ofc)
  6. The question here is, how are you self aware that you have gotten cheated by the Casino? Do you have any proof that states, backup your statements? If the Casino in question is not a very known one and has a low community base you would probabily want to investigate a bit more before joining those clubs. On the other hand you should always verify your bets (if you wish to accept them) with any bet verifier from that specific Casino. Also check if NONCES are not skipped and if the math follows your bets (the chances, rolls etc) with the verifier itself. About suggesting Casinos, i wouldn't leave Stake or Primedice, unless I wanted to play a different game.
  7. DreamStage

    Chartbet is the worst gamemode on Stake?

    You can still win it by matingaling even with Chartbet or make slow and steady bets. Luck is not what makes you win but your actions in how much are you willing to take in betting against the house. How long do you think u can bet to reach that huge payout. Does it will take enough time before you bust or is it slow paced gameplay? That's why it's not purely luck, your experience will tell you if you need to start betting more or less, you just need to check your rolls (payouts). Did you got everything so low from 100 bets? I would go for HIGH payouts since my probabilistics will eventually read that threshold. That's basically "how you make your own luck"
  8. DreamStage

    Chartbet is the worst gamemode on Stake?

    Chartbet is one of those games where you only profit with a HUGE payout in the long runs. By long runs i mean betting constantly till you hit something above x99 at least and as minimum. Anything else you will have to be very cautions and smart on how you will spend your balance. Maybe just pre-rolls for like 100 bets then you go back to your old self esteem. I still believe and as i've seen it (as won from it) one of the best games out there for any Casino. You can decide when you want to cashout by just stopping it as soon you hit that specific payout. Highly suggest it to new comers.
  9. DreamStage

    The 130x Animal Ball Drop [Plinko]

    God dammmm $200 Good job man, how many bets you took? Were you just doing some martingale or specific strategy? Give out some more infos as like how much experienced you are, have you been gambling for a while, what took you to make such out of the box bet? Would you still take much of those in the future?
  10. DreamStage

    I’m about to become a highroller

    You do not need to worry about trying to find those legitm Casinos. You are just in the perfect place. Both Primedice and Stake are worth staying, trustful and reliable. Nobody has ever complained about not being paid from such high payout, except if there is not legitm proof against any cheated profit. Although you have to respect the max bets and you will be fine. Also try to stay private (private Profile) else everyone will just start pming you for some tips and trying to become your friend for some personal achievements. If you will end up having some big issues with your bets or even just from PMs you can always count with Support team right in the next door. Just open the Support Live Chat and talk with them.
  11. I have joined Stake right after BETA Phase was released back in 2017. On the other hand i have been playing since stable release was announced and further that i have been off for some time, back again and repeated the process as i needed some time as a break time from gambling. As my prefered game (Chartbet) was down, i had to make some time meanwhile playing at Primedice for it to come back and fully operational again. Concerning other question as how long i have been playing outside Stake, mostly since 2014 i presume since Bitcoins blow up and wheneveryone was preaty much skeptical about it if it was a real thing or just another fake thing.
  12. DreamStage

    My First ever Stake Jackpot

    Well the first thing it popped in my head was: Oh wait there's a JACKPOT in STAKE? Those kind of jackpots where u hit some roll like 77.77 and you get some HUGE (additional) profit from it? Then i have started reading your topic's post and i was like what the fuck is this related to the Jackpot meaning at all? Anyway im very glad for you and your earnings by squeazing out the fear in your guts and just take it. Also it's nice to see it being achieved in those corners (from Plinko) it makes me visualize it and get an immediate WOW. So refreshing and so peacefull Dam i just wished it was me
  13. DreamStage

    Buying cryptos for Deposit.

    Well your topic's statement doesn't actually fit this section of the forum. It's kinda some weird story your stating about where and how you deposit or whatsoever. Still for me (answering your question) i have been using Coinbase for instance, depositing from both balance and bank account or directly from another Casinos (which is possible) if for example i want to get a new probabilistic reset for my gambling experience. Let's say you end up with HUGE profit because you stood betting for like 9 hours straith into some Casino (imagine). Then I move to another Casino (by withdrawing from first to second) so i get a new reset into my mathematic probabilities. And this is not changing seed anyway.
  14. DreamStage

    The End.

    Glad to hear that for your own self health environemnt although you will not be able to just quit. Im guessing by the end of some eventual life happening you will start at least play once in your current state due to some friends being with you and gambling even in fantasy worlds or just by speaking to each other exposing your weakness to yourself. Maybe it is your destiny maybe it is not. In the end it will still you who will show some control against your will and see if you can sustain it. Overall and as to clear out my opinion, i do not want any harm for you and i hope the best, just saying what i think it will happen based on some of my friends experience.
  15. DreamStage

    Variable speed option for wheel: Suggestion

    That's some fancy feature to implement which would not bring anything new to your bets or fate in the game whatsoever. I mean why would you want such thing, just for preference purposes? You have the animation option for that already. You can also skip to result instead. It's just a matter of preference concerning options for the Gambler. But for me everything is just fine how it is at the moment and i don't request any change at all as it's already fast enough. There could be implemented any Poll at least for that.