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  1. Dam it i kinda reach such chance as almost busted. Luckly i was prepared and didn't used all my balance Most of the times it happens at Dice since it's a 1:1 direct chance roll. Other games are likely less to have such high chances.
  2. Well yeah probabily as implementing such new game involves more hands on deck and old legacy issues might break the code again. We can still build up information here it's ok. Anyway i do believe the more we give here explaining how it could be as suggested for example my screenshot from TDU2 would be a much better thing as a whole information guide for developers.
  3. Well i read that it was due to Facebook's Libra (not unexpected - knew it it would be like that) and due to India's taking over the market with their bull runs Even that india is banned from crypto there are still alot of new investors and potential whales.
  4. You could use Coinbase as well if that makes your thing? Also blockchain ofc are the best ones currently. Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/ Blockchain: https://www.blockchain.com/
  5. @williamshennie9 is banned for smiling all the time
  6. DreamStage

    Manual betting

    If i would hit such bet or even prior ones i would already cashout without any doubt or questionable marks You should cashout if you cant afford to lose immediatly else just go for the high payouts. That's my suggestion on the manual betting.
  7. I just love bitcoin as main currency because has more approach on the real markets from real life, as for many payment systems currently. Also my alternative coin would be ethereum cause it looks like one of the most stable coins from everything else. Bitcoin and Ethereum have a nice price stabilization as well and big volume per 24 hours which keeps me with it.
  8. If you do go for such awesome but hard strategy you should check if you have the rolls ready as in if you hit most of the red streaks before starting. It's just one suggestion as i gamble with Anyway report back!
  9. Thank you for such long detailed informations on the Travel Rule situation. Also i am using Coinbase and have nothing against it using KYC as therefore my profits are all legalized and finnancial verified Where it comes from that's not even public.
  10. • What are your game(s) of choice when it comes to wagering these huge amounts? Dice • Which currency(s) do you use and does it matter? Bitcoin / Ethereum or wtv it was requested • Do I have to use Auto-bet/Manual? Related closely to this, increasing bet on loss is necessary? Auto bet ofc... and you disable all animations and bullshits that lag the browser for example. • Lastly, smaller bets at higher variance, or bigger bets at lower variance? Bigger bets else you won't wager ofc...
  11. I am sure that if you search them on google or something you will find such sit and go casinos. Maybe you already were at some but you didnt saw the options.
  12. You can also calculate some of those multipliers as chances from dice, then it will probabily be same chance. Switching cards will not affect the outcome of the final role btw Even if you do hit those rare cards the role will be the same just the chances will change for you