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    DreamStage got a reaction from Dan in How to create casino custom strategies (API similar solution)   
    Guys.... The answer is already here for all your queries issues ^
    Hence that syntax for whitelisted queries is a must be 100% matching.
    * Notice that you have to replace the paragraphs characters with "enter" from keyboard if you want to use it for Insomnia or any other query software.
    * If you want to use plain query string for your software (example .NET) just use the view source string - plain text with \n
    * At Insomnia you can also copy plain text query with the perfect syntax at timeline (in case you have copied it perfectly from the website).
    Every query is at Stake's site, you just need to "sniff" the data by using the interface from the Casino site and check which queries are being sent.
    User balances: 
    Last Nonce (contains User Balances as well) from @Seuntjie:
    Bet Verification (contains Nonce as well):

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    DreamStage reacted to Dan in How to create casino custom strategies (API similar solution)   
    All API requests used on the frontend of stake.com are already whitelisted. If you wanted to create a custom strategy, you could just use those API requests without needing to go through the process of whitelisting your own. Easiest way to copy them would be right clicking on the page > selecting "inspect" > viewing "network" > limiting to "XHR" > and copying the relevant graphql request
    This has always been the most appropriate way to learn about how the site's API works.
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    DreamStage got a reaction from Faris in Stake Advanced Auto Betting Assistance   
    ok waiting on it
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    DreamStage reacted to Faris in Stake Advanced Auto Betting Assistance   
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    DreamStage got a reaction from pasolone in Do you check the probability of winning before playing?   
    Yes i have been using such calculations before applying a strategy.
    With the help of ChatBot i gather information regarding my odds for a particular strategy and https://dicesites.com/tools as well.
    You can always check which strategies are best for you on a particular base bet amount using both informations.
    And yes my red streaks are always constant according with ChatBot  
    Else i just reset my seed.
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    DreamStage got a reaction from Omerfrom02 in Do you follow the matches you bet?   
    Since i have only been gambling at Football matches and some specific games, yes i have been following such ones as it's more easier to me since i have the time to do so.
    You should focus on specific game sections and not a bunch of them else you might get lost.
    Eventually handle such games in a sheet so you can predict whats going to happen better than from your head.
  7. Lame
    DreamStage reacted to Yofundme in Bitcoin outperformed by rare metal Rhodium   
    This is one of 2 things.. an outlier or an outright liar. 
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    DreamStage got a reaction from htetaungxx in How can we know 5 scatter is coming?   
    Compare how much probability exists for the total amount of scatters along with permutations with all icons from slots that you can achieve.
    Based on such calculations you will be able to obtain your percentual chance and convert it into how much rolls you require to do for obtaining 5x scatters.
    Also you will need to calculate based on which lines u have selected.
  9. Love
    DreamStage reacted to Tamaco in Do you check the probability of winning before playing?   
    Thank you for that tool. As for me,I haven't really tried to calculate when betting. I rarely used autobets that's why. 
    But this tool will be useful when I want to explore autobetting.
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    DreamStage got a reaction from Flan in DiceBot - The most awesomest betting bot for Bitcoin Dice Games   
    For those who don't know new version is out but was not announced here:
    DiceBot Date Released: Thursday, November 28, 2019
    With even more fixed and added Features
  11. Haha
    DreamStage reacted to ThomasTV2 in My "safe" dice profit strat | Your experience?   
    There is honestly no such thing as a "Safe" strat. You can never really predict a 100% win or loss or a way to make profit. Gambling, is well, gambling. 
    This post does not take into effect: 
    House Edge (the 1% stake takes on each bet. If you are on a red train for awhile back you make it back in wins, you are still net negative money) 
    I am sure you have a higher bankroll or are betting WAY less than a decent amount to win. Strats like this are pretty boring to do, and most of the time you lose. Yes "9017677.97" losses in a row is almost statistically impossible, You will be losing to house edge and sometimes being unlucky. 
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    DreamStage got a reaction from wry in Updated: And I thought KYC was Bad, Travel Rule Countdown Begins   
    Thank you for such long detailed informations on the Travel Rule situation.
    Also i am using Coinbase and have nothing against it using KYC as therefore my profits are all legalized and finnancial verified
    Where it comes from that's not even public.
  13. Haha
    DreamStage got a reaction from GoTServeD in How do you think the HiLo Game multiplier is being computed?   
    You can also calculate some of those multipliers as chances from dice, then it will probabily be same chance.
    Switching cards will not affect the outcome of the final role btw
    Even if you do hit those rare cards the role will be the same just the chances will change for you
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    DreamStage reacted to ExchangeRatesPr in ExchangeRates.Pro: Bitcoin & Crypto price comparison in 255 countries!   
    Sorry for late replying, did not know there is no email notification on replies 🙃
    Thanks for your testimonial!
    If you have any suggestion regarding the features, exchanges or anything else - you are always welcome 🙂
    Actually that means Xbox gift card )))
    We'll make this more clear, appreciate the notice! 👍
  15. Wow
    DreamStage reacted to Qvvaser109 in How to reward valuable members?   
    Hi, @Kargai. 
    I created a topic that is featuring some cool Stake and gambling related Telegram stickers. Towards the bottom of the second page I decided I wanted to sponsor a giveaway of some BTC to the first person that cracked the two codes that appear on two stickers in the pack. 
    My questions:
    How would I go about alerting the community about the prize while staying within the forum's rules? Is it allowed to create a topic that announces the giveaway, disallows comments and redirects to the original thread? Is this type of giveaway even allowed?  My concerns:
    If I create a new topic, it might effectively kill the current one in which the sticker pack progress is being documented. Editing the OP may not be seen just like what is happening with the announcement on pg.2.  I hope this is the right place for these questions......😬 Conclusion:
    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Haha
    DreamStage reacted to HighDamage in You are banned!   
    @DreamStage has been banned for violating the rules of this game (This is serious, you should have banned @jannine at that time. Not me)
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    DreamStage got a reaction from cess23 in XRP PRICE   
    Just because you do not trust his coin does not mean the coin will not change it's value.
    Right now it is the 3rd most traded coin in the planet and it's without any doubt one of the best coins to trade and profit with it for example. 
    Edit: George Sorros won't do anything to stop it dont worry  
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    DreamStage got a reaction from cess23 in XRP PRICE   
    Ripple has been a coin that I have been checking to see if it is worth or not for investing as well.
    It seems promising based on the technology being used at the moment and for the future improvements.
    As it is another decentralized coin it is possible to reach up to $50 mark as some people have predicted for the past month till the end of the year.
    But who knows, it is only speculation anyway
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    DreamStage reacted to mydicebot in ★MyDiceBot★ - Ultimate Bitcoin Dice Bot. Bet more, earn more!   
    OK, will provide screenshot as well in any further updates.
  20. Love
    DreamStage got a reaction from mydicebot in ★MyDiceBot★ - Ultimate Bitcoin Dice Bot. Bet more, earn more!   
    Ok thank you for the quick reply and feedback
    Will wait for such features and heads up, already following this topic.
    Any future content you could already provide us (with screenshot as well)?
  21. Love
    DreamStage reacted to Mirela in Support - Feedback   
    A great THANK YOU to everyone that posted their feedback here, it is immensely appreciated! ❤️ 
    Cheers Stakers! 🍀
  22. Love
    DreamStage got a reaction from victory8 in Would it be a good idea to invest 1,500 in stake?   
    Since when they couldn't? Just because of what investment means? I've seen already many Casino sites just like Primedice, Stake and so on having these investment options where it would profit both Casino and Gamblers in the long run if there was bankroll between them.
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    DreamStage got a reaction from RGBKey in Open-Source third party verification   
    Saw it at Bitcointalk, im impressed! That's just pure awesomeness dude. Thank You!
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