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  1. Coral35 green happy thanksgiving! ❤️
  2. Coral35 orange (normal lucky color :D) have a great weekend
  3. yeah everyone i try to get help from answer that but doesnt explain why.. still cant understand why it matter which language.. 😕
  4. if you can see my face on the selfie that matches the id, and u can see date of birth whats left to understand? my name and last name? if u translate the name i have on level 1 verfication u can see it matches to the id in hebrew
  5. yeah iv been trying to sort it out since friday without any success. iv taken a selfie with my id as they requested, they can see im the same person as the id shows, and the date of birth is in numbers. the name that shows in hebrew can be translated to see the translation in english so no clue what the foss is about. never had this issue before anywhere.. they suspended my acc until i verify so they basically are forcing me to leave stake.
  6. please help me, i dont get this ffs
  7. thank you.. altho i told live support some people said they verfied with native language ids and they said that i should know better than believing to other users on the internet
  8. Coral35 fawn good weekend everyone
  9. Why do you keep suggesting my id isnt legit? The live support told me they only accept in latin format which means international. How can i get someone from support to adress this? Thats exactly what i was saying.. check the screenshot i uploaded above
  10. Is your id is english language? If i may ask. What they call, "latin format"
  11. As i asked above was your id international? In english? They rejected mine saying the id needs to be in latin.. first time i ever heard this
  12. Was your id international? In what language is your id?
  13. Did anyone complete level 2 verification with an id from europe? Stake wont let me verify claiming they only accept ids in latin? First time i hear about it..
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