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  1. Wait, we're supposed to have winnings?
  2. Blackjack is hard to say is "Rigged". It's one of those games where things can depend on player input, so people will assume that even though they are playing "perfect play" (which is where the 0.57% edge comes from), they HAVE to win sooner than later. That is not the case . The case is that, over an inumerable bet(s) amount, the player will end up with approximately 99.43% of their starting balance. This does not take into account "strategies" other than perfect play, which is the OPTIMAL strategy to win. Sure, sometimes playing "by the book" might not work out or even would have been better to play against, but in the long run, it will save you money and see better returns than doing weird shit like standing on 13v10 or doubling 9vA.
  3. yeah, just got really lucky
  4. Do the 8+-card hands have to be consecutively won?
  5. When I have extra money and feel like I want to enjoy myself for a few hours.
  6. Fruit Party, San Quentin, 3rd is between Release the Kraken and/or El Paso.
  7. Dice to $100, $100 fruit party buy paid $500, then went up from there on bonus buys and blackjack
  8. While I understand how Stake had / has to pay for Evolution hosting the bets, it's the fault of Evolution, but Stake should acknowledge the fact that there was no way to have properly played the round through. 1: Eddie HIMSELF is admitting that "Evolution got DDoSed". This is already a bad move for Stake, imo, because it's a staff member admitting that there was an unpreventable issue with the Game that the player did not have control of. 2: If EVOLUTION got DDoSed, why are THEY not acknowledging the bet being placed and unable to have properly continued? 3: This was not in any way Stake's fault. They are a Casino. HOWEVER, I would immediately pack my bags and leave if I was blatantly told that I would have a game round that was acknowledged to be with error not of the player, not canceled and refunded and / or made null and void. Essentially just donating my crypto to Stake. In my personal opinion, Stake should consider this round as a Provider error, as the player has done nothing wrong, and the Player should not suffer as a result of shitty DDoS protection from said Provider. He should be refunded, I believe, due to this error - even if not just out of courtesy to a high-level VIP. What if this was a streamer doing $20k USD hands on Salon Privé Evolution tables and the Provider got DDoSed? Would they be refunded? EDIT: Saying you were going to hit on 14 is weird. Who knows if you would have won anyway since you already split? Now I get why Eddie doesn't think you should be refunded, as if you'd played properly, you would have lost anyways.
  9. $249 USD. I lost it all and then promptly turned the $4.50 rakeback into 5k profit
  10. Things like classic Coinflip : Essentially Just 50/50 dice roll with staked amount equal on both sides and a 1-2% house take from winner's pot as well as a coin flipping animation for an icon representing either player Bonus buy battle: Essentially it assigns a specific slot, which must have the round started and settled within a certain timeframe, and the largest winner out of 2-3 people wins everything from the others.
  11. USDT is a good choice - especially in TRC-20 to avoid massive fees. HOWEVER, XLM is underrated and I've been recommending it for a long time. It carries virtually no fees and is on par with XRP / EOS / TRX, if not faster, in terms of speed.
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