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  1. depends do you want high volatility or rather many bonuses which pays less? for volatility fruit party or similar games are pretty good in my opinion but for quick consistent good bonuses you could try the wild machine or wild west gold...
  2. biggest x was 8800x on chaos crew but only 20 cents... but biggest cash win was either dog house with like 4.5k on 3€ or one blackjack hand with suited trips with 30$ side bet plus 750$ hand hit...
  3. you must have 10 posts on the forum to be eligible in those competitions tho...
  4. bro there are no tips to win its all based on luck... if you win you win if you lose you lose... thats a thing you should think about before depositing or even for some people before they ever touch a gambling site...
  5. patience is the key tho!! i caught myself cashing out some sportbets before they ended and i would have easily won them...
  6. pragmatic definetly on top
  7. true that brother limbo hit me hard lost like 20 in a row with 5$ on 5x
  8. Will hit 40k end of this year!!!
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