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  1. plinko give some time but not always<<<<<<<
  2. hi ghitagulas >>how r u buddy ..do u recognized me???
  3. ohh bro my first one account "fireman" has been banned by this site ....thats why i not longer use that one account...and my twitter account also banned by twitter on breaking some rule&regulation there..and right now i'm playing very little bit on stake account thats why I online there a little bit not even longer thats the reason that why i cant reply you.but why u message me ??
  4. good... but in some videos your voiceover look creepy but bandicam work good on your screen.. i heard about OBS and my many frnd is tell me about that..but bro i'm recording live playing real casino video at a spot..that why i'm using my camera for that but i'm using microphone for my sound in videos. and for EDITING some part of my videos. previously time i use """Premiere Rush"" for editing but my 1 utuber frnd suggest me about latest version of Premiere Pro its work great and smooth..bro I am also encouraging myself to put my face on the screen one day..۔ The only purpose of my coming here is that I just want to stream videos of this gambling site while playing myself.and I wanted to talk to owner about getting some commissions on this casino win but when i create topic for people give me Opinion and suggestion about this .they ban me (i never understand there are also others streamer on this forum but they only ban me) when i ask to live support on stake site they even also muted me there.. WTF they're thinking i'm just ordinary utuber who come here just for begging some help from us..they 're not know who i am .. EVEN my view of any video is greater then the MEMBER who online on this site every day.and even my (today 99.9K) subscriber is 5time more then the total member who ever join this site all time..and they mute me... bro i need some help from you that how can i got commission from here? u know very well about getting comission throught ? bro if i get something from comission in casino wins then then i divided it also with you <<<<
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