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  1. plinko give some time but not always<<<<<<<
  2. hi ghitagulas >>how r u buddy ..do u recognized me???
  3. ohh bro my first one account "fireman" has been banned by this site ....thats why i not longer use that one account...and my twitter account also banned by twitter on breaking some rule&regulation there..and right now i'm playing very little bit on stake account thats why I online there a little bit not even longer thats the reason that why i cant reply you.but why u message me ??
  4. good... but in some videos your voiceover look creepy but bandicam work good on your screen.. i heard about OBS and my many frnd is tell me about that..but bro i'm recording live playing real casino video at a spot..that why i'm using my camera for that but i'm using microphone for my sound in videos. and for EDITING some part of my videos. previously time i use """Premiere Rush"" for editing but my 1 utuber frnd suggest me about latest version of Premiere Pro its work great and smooth..bro I am also encouraging myself to put my face on the screen one day..۔ The only purpose of my co
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