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  3. HILO: 46,440,423,840 placed by GuilhermeSa on 07/06/2021 Wagered 0.00002789 Multiplier 4.26753x Profit 0.00009113
  4. Part of what you think is a problem isn't the stake's fault, because the ones you showed only HILO are original stakes. About that, nobody forces you to bet, you bet because you want to. If you think something is manipulated, don't play slots from the site as many do. One example is Blackjack, I don't play Stake BJ, I just play live.
  5. I'll test it a little and the n I'll come here to tell you what I found. EDIT 1: I configured the setup for numbers equal to the topic, I'm testing with the same base bet (0.0000011) and balance (0.00106). >>>>>> At first I got scared thinking that he would lose all the balance in a losing streak but then I understood in practice how it works. Half an hour of testing. EDIT 2: A little more than 1 hour. A bad sequence came, I manually stopped because I believe I would not recover from that point. The strategy is very good and viable. I will continue testing it but with some changes such as when it reaches a certain loss value, cancel the recovery and restart the process. I'll be back soon.
  6. Southampton 1 x 2 Leicester Crystal Palace 1 x 1 Man City Brighton 0 x 2 Leeds Chelsea 3 x 0 Fulham Everton 2 x 1 Aston Villa Newcastle 0 x 2 Arsenal Man Utd 0 x 3 Liverpool Tottenham 2 x 2 Sheffield Utd West Brom 0 x 0 Wolves Burnley 1 x 2 West Ham Tiebreaker: 24 min username: GuilhermeSa
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