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  1. Love the boys. I don't usually have a t.v. so I watch a lot of stuff on my computer. Started watching "Barry" the other day. Pretty good so far.
  2. Except no. Zero is divisible by any number and will equal zero, and any number divided by zero - you can not divide by zero. Go ahead and try it on a calculator. Windows calculator is best because it literally says "you cannot divide by zero"
  3. This is due to the translation of crypto to currency, keep your funds on btc or eth or what ever you're using and it won't happen. You can switch back and forth as often as you like. It also usually shows the $usd eur bet amount above the crypto bet on stake originals. Good luck
  4. Wow, is this allowed? Maybe I'll try your keylogger. I mean mines bot :p. Lmao.
  5. Interesting line of thought. But I think vs dealer 9 or 10 you're increasing variance too much. Probably just add it into your game as a standard split spot vs 456 and maybe 7 and A
  6. I was thinking an IRL scavenger hunt would be a good idea. You conjure up a list of items, or "scenes" and people have to find or recreate the stuff, and take a picture with like, a piece of paper with their stake name in it (so you know people aren't just google image searching things) This will get people out of the house for a little (or keep them thinking about stake while they're out) and it would also take some time to finish a full scavenger hunt list of wierd stuff. =p
  7. i like the middle bonus and the right bonus, I see a lot of streamers play the left one, stickies, but It just never hits for me, so i stay away from it.
  8. yeah 7 dollars for 1k wager is pretty good, maybe find a different game to try to martingale back the profit at, crash, or blackjack
  9. An even number is divisible by two. "Opinions" shouldn't matter. 0 by itself is NOT an even number, as it is not divisible by 2. But a number beginning in 34 billion, that ENDS in 0, is indeed an even number. When they're doing "must end in an even number" contests. They're only looking at the last digit, not the entire bet number as a whole. So in that instance, 0 is not considered even.
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