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    Why was this so friggin hard... Missed it to the other side like 6 times each way...
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    phew 😅
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    what the phux phlox look like?
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    You are 18.. you are just on the starting line, you can't have destroyed your life as you have not even started building it. You are learning and hopefully will use that early lesson to prepare your future. I was in your spot too my 20's were a nightmare but i learned. My credit got destroyed... and i didn't rebuild it, the opposite i finished it off. People with gambling addiction should not have any kind of credit whatsoever. Credit is not a tool, it's not fun or good... it's just a fee.. chains that slow you down all your life. If you can't borrow.. can't get in debt... the worst that can happen.. like me now.. is to fall to 0 to then get back up and rebuild without having to pay for years. Of course having early life issues that means i never really built wealth or had anything so i never got used to house.. car.. saving account so i don't miss it and i can't lose it.
    This is my trick.. it works for me as i am considered a "hopeless" case as i will not stop hehe. I am addicted to the rush, the ups and downs and now nothing else really interest me as i quit playing for years in the early 30's and i burned out all games and any interesting things i could do to replace gambling. Since gambling is time consuming and intensive  i literally overdid all games and everythingg and realized it was paying for chest and stupid gears on games that kept resetting every few months so i  was just as broke but without the gambling and the rush lol. So at some point i just decided to accept who i am and plan accordingly. I always knew i would be unpredictable and reckless, all my life as i have other things that make me like that, i didnt just "give up" lol. So, no family, no wife or children. No one around that i could hurt or destroy along the way. No credit, and i live in a cheap rural area now where the idea of selling the tv quick or what not is impossible in a heartbeat.
    The second i get paid i pay bills, whatever lil debt i have with friends that play too and i fill up the fridge. I learned a thing, these sites when they crash you.. they crash you for all you got and it makes no difference. So at that point might as well make sure i have all i need, then... i go play till the end lol. When i wake up after the rip, no one around that i hurt or destroyed.. no shame or insults... just me that assume my life. No debts, nothing chasing me and fridge is full. Usually i played so much in a row that i appreciate to finally have free time to make food, sleep a lot.. recover etc. It changed my life completly as i then play money i can afford to lose. If i'm rip.. the rewrds.. rains, friends .. there is always a surprise waiting around the corner so no need to always have lots of money to have fun ;). I accepted through therapy and what not that i will always be a gambler, i will always play till i rip, always. So from there i accepted that every single win i will hit, no matter how big, will return back in. So instead of lying to myself everytime and "fail" everytime giving a massive depression and a self-esteem rock bottom i just tell myself when i rip that well it had to happen, again .. now it's a good time to sleep a lot, eat well and relax. Since i am excessive in everything, i found a way to appreciate each cycle or my gambler life. When i gamble im a lose cannon i can do whatever i want i can shove whatever try everthing, i am not spending debts, i am not ruining anyone else, it's just me and as long as i have a roof, a bed, a fridge full of food, the rest.... lol.
    What that means is that now when i rip.. i have the crash, i feel like trash, im mad.. then i think.. well it's the 178th time in a row i rip... and eveyrtime i kicked back up so i would be surprised if i never kick again in the future right? So i stopped having that "time pressure" where i always need to recover asap fast fast... nah no rush anymore. I lost money that was gambling funds, it wasn't going to be anything else anyway so no point lying to myself like many do. Lying to yourself, deny who you are and pretend that you can change completly is what will ruin your life, for real. You have to be humble and realistic. Accept what you can change and what you can't. The things that you can't change. or at least not stop completly then you have start building protections around you. For example, having no credit (that can be have past issues with loan shark that make them not trust you anymore) means that you can't throw in money you dont have. Because the most destructive thing in gambling addiction is that the debts are usualy big amounts that were lost in a few .. minutes.. hours.. at best days but usually you play for a long time before you get deep and its when you try to recover that you push over the limit and yeah the "randomness" online really not built to let you hit these easy lol. And anyway you shouldnt hope to succeed. Cauz if you take loans and are able  to save day.. it doesn't save you, not at all, it only delay the problem and make a snowball effect as you will start have that magical belief that magic will save you and since you paid back your debts the credit become easier to get and the more you "save day" the more you dig a hole you can never get out of.
    You have not destroyed your life, it is the complete opposite my friend. You have a personality, trait, like us that like that kind of thingg so if you had to become a "excessive" gambler you better have it at the very beginning because now you can spend your 20's to learn, get help.. set up your life accordingly knowing who you are. You will have a rough first half of life but if you do it right the second half will the best a gambler can hope for. On the other hand if you had no issue, had a family, children, savings.. work all your life to build your retirement and then in the early 60's that happen to you... You would destroy everything you have built all your life including all the people you love and what not... and at that age it's too late to rebuild, you are done.. finished.. for good. So you have to see, even if it's often extremely hard, the good side in this. You are a compulsive gambler... you lost everything.. yes it sucks big balls.. but in your bad luck you lucked out big time.. it happened at the best moment in your life you could ever hope for.
    And one thing.. money is just money. Debts, credit cards can just be erased. Going bankrupt is not the big deal people think it is if you are an employee. If you work and have a regular paycheck that you can't spend before it's earn, you can just erase everything and start over. A loan shark is different, but people in general that will read this usualyl are more into credit cards and waht not. If you go bankrupt no one chase you and bust the door to hit you down lol. They send a few mails.. they act scary.. then.. nothing. Credit can be a tool used for certain things yes but, in general, it's not what people think it is. It's not good, it's garbage, it's a cancer that ruin you till you die. The leaders of this world, the rich, the banks. they all brainwash us  all year long saying a good credit score is important, credit is essential bla bla bla. It's complete bullshit. They make us beleive that because they want us to get loans.. and give them our money.. all our life. Credit allow to get certain things faster... so you get a early house, car and such but then you pay for it.. all your life with massive interests that make you never able to catch up. These bankers and "rich" are the ones that also probably own the company you will work for. They don't want you to have freedom, they don't want you to be able to work less if you want to. They need you to work.. and they need you to struggle so you become on your knees doing everything they want because you have no choice. The elite of this world use credit, big cars, house, and all that useless stuff  to make us believe we need this shit to be happy in life. Tv and everything bombard us everyday saying our stuff .. defines us.. nope .. it's just delusion. It's a lie, a manipulation. They want you to think you need a house.. you don't. They want you to think you need a cadillac to reward you for working so hard.. so that you need to work even harder to pay the dam bill. They tell you to get a good credit score so you can borrow for house, car, and everything.. they want you to pay the maximum interests to them forever. By giving you credit they let you purchase these early. The trap is set... now you get in debt.. the interests pile up.. you start having issues keeping bills and all paid on time... you get more credit.. more interests.. you are deep... you can't stop anymore if you lsoe a bit of income.. if you work less.. you lose everything... gg your boss owns you and thats exactly what he wanted. Now you dont fight to get paid what you are worht because you are scared to be fired. You don't ask to work less.. you want to work everything that is possible to work.. you are a modern slave.
    Thats the capitalist lie, the world we live in. The reason why the depression rate and sadness in society skyrocket. Because i am from a rich family... I saw my parents.. my father.. chase all his life the promised happiness that never came. A big house... don,t make you happier, its super expensive.. its work.. always work.. you need to take care of all that shit.. you need to work non stop to pay the bills you have a big house.. but you dont enjoy it.. you are the slave of your house, you must work to pay it, and spend the few time left.. to repair stuff, mow the lawn and what not. You have... no life. You have a big car because the ad on tv says if you have a BMW or Cadillac you will feel happier going to work.. people will envy you, you will loook succesfull! Nope.... people don't give a flying fak what you have, they often hate or be jealous.. angle and fak you up for it. My brother is like that too, single work 10,000h/week.. big house.. big car.. and noting else. No life, he's always working, exhausted, sad, depressed... he try to make more thinking maybe if another house.. a boat.. a bigger car? he came to me one day.. looking destroyed, completly destroyed .. and i was .. happy doing my lil stuff. I was the compulsvie gambler with a shit life still i was 1000 times happier than he will ever be. When i told him he should just sell house slow down.. he looked at me desperate "but what other will think? They will think im a failure! I can't". There.. the final stage of all that society brainwashing us non-stop to the point he is a slave of his work struggle and tired and depressed all year long.. because he is scared of what the others would think... but.. the others... they dont give BEEP. It's the media, the tv, the everything around us that tell us it's that but it's bullshit. Humans for thousands of years.. were happy half naked on a rock.. we don,t need much to be happy. But we forgot.. we got pushed into this nonsense life because the rich of this world.. are not rich because they produce or create wealth (another super big lie). They are parasites. They suck up the wealth of all the workers through overpriced products, underpaid jobs and interests on top that make sure they take all the product of your work. That's the world we live in.
    So yeah sorry a huge wall of text but i'm sure this can serve you for the rest of your life. If you take time to understand everything i talk about, your future could alot brighter than you think. Crashing early is not bad, its the best.. you have not yet started building your life. You will have the years ahead to build. Not having tons of stuff, big house, big car, is not a drama... in fact it's much better if you can learn to live without them as we just don't need them. We don't need a house with 14 rooms.. if we always in the same 2-3 rooms. We don't need a big car.. or two.. or three. We created that need by wanting that house that is big and probably at a longer distance from work and what not.. forcing you into driving more. It's a loophole.. a cycle where you are told you need something that create the need of another thing that then require another thing to then have so much things to pay that you work non-stop and then.. need ANOTHER stuff... to reward you for working so hard to pay all the stuff you didnt even need anyway. I know rich people, i know many... I never known any .. that was happier than me or limit.. happy at all. None of them. They are empty inside.. depressed.. enslaved to their stuff that were supposed to make him happy! They got addicted to them and built a belief that their stuff is their "status" in society like a big house make you more important than another.. nope. Will people love you and cheer you everywhere you go because you have a big car? No. All the recognition they seek through buying all these shits. are very short lived. They take payments for 5-7 years.. and the "fun" part last.. 1 week. 2 week. .then everyone is used to your "stuff" but you.. have to pay it for years.. you just started paying it.. So it makes you depressed.. sad.. you get deep.. you think. maybe i need to buy something else? And it never ends. And since they think their "stuff" make them succesfull people then they think that they are perfect, that what they do is right so they dont reconsider. They don't listen to others like me that tell them.. they don't need all that. They think that because they are slaves of their work for stuff.. that they know better than me. Cauz i dont have stuff. Well... i have more freedom, more time and what not that they will ever had. And after years that freedom and free time allowed me to sleep, take care of myself.. live my trips.. which make me slowly better and better.. i slowly go up as gettin older i get less "crazy" while they jsut go down down down.
    So the whole story here serves to tell you that ... you lost money.. who cares. Money is just money. You need a roof, a bed, a toilet.. a kitchen with food and a couch. Nothing else really. Stuff is just stuff.. it's not important.. we are just brainwashed 24/7 from birth to think stuff is everything because the parasites on top need us to want these useless scrap paid with a loan+interests so they can make you work for them.. for cheap and take back your paycheck through the stuff and interests you pay. You work like mad.. and they spend the money.Modern slavery. The world we live in. And the brainwashing is intense and non-stop. They made people think that humble, simple persons like me are bad, evil! They have no ambition! They are losers!!! Well if they took time to step down their throne of shit.. to see from here.. what i see. They see a guy sitting and doing his stuff.. i see people in "hamster wheel" running and runnign and running .. everyone running in their wheel trying to go forward but never moving or goin anywhere.. an army of slaves so busy.. that they have no time to realize the life they are living. You can't want stuff.. if you truly have us for it sure. But you are not "forced" to have big house.. cars. You are not forced to be rich and what not to be happy. It's a lie.. an illusion. It's not real. Look the billionaires of our world. None of them is happy, none of them enjoy life.. you can see in their empty eyes. They are depressed, empty, destroyed... But they built a image of life of dream... ultimate success.. and they use it as much as they can to try and convince themselves that they have a great life.. that they are happy.. that everyone wish they were them.... so they should be happy no? And they keep lying to themslves.. chasing more billions till their death.. they won't have live.. a single minute.. in their entire lives. Rich people.. have no life.. none. They are wayyy too busy with work and responsibilities and the shitload of work they need to maintain their mountain of "stuff". They work work work then take care of house. Bring cars to change oil tires.. they have many it takes lots of time. Then there's a thing that break .. they have to so much stuff there is literally always something broken that need repair .. something that eat theri money and time. Stuff.. that they don't really need. They lack sleep, always under pressure.. never any time for them. So before breakdown they take a vacation in brazil or europe or what not.. cauz sure havin 12 hour of airplane when you are about to die on your seat.. is relaxing! You move around you are never resting.. and these vacations to "rest" dont rest you they finish you off as they cost a lot more money.. so you'll need to work more to compesate the vacation you took to rest from working too much.. Haha.. in the end we are all sick in a way or another... but us gamblers are tareted and in the spotlight. We are thrown in the face what we are and even more... by people that are just as sick as us or more.. but instead of being enslaved to their slot.. they are enslaved to theif stuff.. stuff that have no spirit, no emotion. Stuff that will end up in a landfill..
    So see it the right way my friend. You crashed at the best moment you could.. and you lost money that you been brainwashed to think is soooo important... no it's not. We don't need all that much money to live when we are not enslaved by the system. The second you understand you need a way to move around.. but you down need a private jet and a limo. You don't need a house that you will pay multiple times cauz of interests. Instead you can start in a rent cheaper and instead of digging a hole of debt you can take time to get ahead. Without all the bills, you don't need all the debts.. withotu all the debts.. no interests that struggle you.. that means.. you can work less. If you work less.. you dont need car as much, you dont need to spend as much. You have more time to cook . take care of your things on your own.. which make you need even less money so you can work even less and then have more time for you, you won't be exhausted.. you will be rested.. you will have time for your family, friends.. your hobbies. It will make you alot more productive at work.. you will work 2x more than the other zombies in the same time.. which means.. if you can do the same work in less time.. YOU WORK EVEN LESS!  That's the other way around.. the thing the whole world dont want you to know. So you had a rough start... but you have a chance at a much better life than you could think of. You are just been told by depressed zombie-slaves that YOU have a problem. Don't listen.. they have no clue about nothing.. the proof is they are slaves and they think they are succesful.. that they are on top.. Even the rich on top. the ones that suck up the wealth.. are slave of their company. their infinite need of money that.. dont brin them nothing anymore 1 billion more or less.. doenst change nothing. So. ignore these bishes.. try to work your life using what i told you. No one else will ever tell you what i just told you. I figured out a lot of stuff on my own.. through the years.. because.. i had time.. i was observing all the "succesful" hamsters runnin forever in their wheels.. I realized that i wasnt all that bad after all...
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    do you like the hourly, daily, or every 10 min reload the most?
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