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  1. I'm sure theres a slot by blueprint that has expanding wilds, possibly jungle book but I'm not sure if it's on stake. I know microgaming have the expanding wild feature on some of their slots too.
  2. As long as you know you can pay it back in the time you said you would, I dont see a problem with it. I wouldn't recommend it personally though, it can lead to a lot of problems.
  3. Loans for gambling are a bad idea anyway, but for stake can you imagine how many would take the loans and then never wager on that account again? They would end up losing a fair amount.
  4. Dice is the best for sure, but limbo and plinko can be okay depending on your settings 🙂
  5. I prefer punk rocker and slots you can buy on, but the originals are good too 🙂
  6. Can you not email and explain the circumstances? Tell them what your host said about being unable to transfer you, and hopefully they'll change it for you.
  7. I use eos, it's the fastest and seems to be ok with fees.
  8. My first post too (: hope to see you around
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