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  1. Welcome Filip! It's a pleasure to meet you
  2. "Nice guys always finish last, should've known that Gave you my heart and you fucked around and broke that So sad…"
  3. I always use manual game mode because auto bet can rip your balance off pretty fast. Manual game can profit you better in my opinion
  4. Thank you so much for this information. I never knew how to play this game before but with this help I know now a little bit. I really appreciate this post now I can try my luck on this game also ❤️
  5. Most likely a luck game because they are random cards but if you play smart you can make profit from it. But you need to be extra lucky
  6. Once I was able to get the 1000x but it was with 0$ sadly. I wanted to bet real ammount but I was scared
  7. Wow. Man thats really amazing. Good job! I'm never gonna be this lucky haha 😅
  8. I haven't won on HiLo yet. I dont know how to play that game 😅😅
  9. It has a very very low % of its happening. And It wont happen in a few years for sure. But on limbo its possible
  10. Yes you can profit. I'm the unluckiest person but I profited a lot on it. IF I CAN YOU CAN DO IT TOO 💪
  11. For sure Blackjack. I lost a lot on BlackJack but its an amazing game! I'm in love with it. I lose a lot on it but its fine:)
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