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  1. What do fence repair contractors and Stake moderators have in common? Sometimes post removal is part of the job. haHahaHaha
  2. $38,000 balance, about a 6 months ago. Overall down about $330k in 5 years.
  3. Today we could pick him up, as he's only just turned 8 weeks old he couldn't be separated from his parents until today. So now he's finally home!
  4. Welcome, Nemanja! Nice to meet you, hopefully see you around! Take care
  5. Yes, there is currently an issue with some slots. Isn't just you. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon 😃
  6. I'm currently watching Foss open his $100,000 Bonus Hunt!
  7. Sure thing. If the opportunity came I'd certainly take it. When you're on the laptop for several hours a day and being in the chat, communicating and being a gambler myself, it would be perfect.
  8. 8lowie

    Online Dating

    I've done it, back when I was about 18/19 - Travelled to another country, lasted about 2 years of flying back and forth.
  9. Scarab! 359.20x / $8.82 Spin / $3,166.75 Return
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