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  1. User demand drives the price for a lot of good in an economy durable or non durable, so seeing as users drove the price of cryptocurrency up shouldn't be a surprise.
  2. There are a lot of new coins coming out in 2021, I would look online for a few big comers!
  3. So far its a 1860x on a $2 stake on dead or alive 2. Without a full wild line, still hunting those!
  4. Welcome Filip, Noob here too, looking forward to the future of Stake!
  5. I opened a ST FT Fire Serpent during a ranked game with 3 of my friends back in 2016 and everyone on the server lost it in chat. Nostalgic but yeah that skin has been my favorite for a while.
  6. I play tarkov sometimes while on Stake. Usually if my friends bait me and I die then I have 30 minutes to play while they rat around and loot.
  7. Hey all, New player on Stake here and I have experience with a handful of games but there are a lot of new ones. Just wondering what your favorite is?
  8. Good to know thanks, almost at Plat 1 too. New to the casino, looks good so far!
  9. I hit 300x for the challenge but nowhere near the 3000x+ you need now. Seems pretty hard with how the games designed
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