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  1. Badatlife99 Teal happy weekend!
  2. the max bet on mobile has probably costed so much money to players, such an unnecessary feature in the first place.
  3. 4 months ive only hit it twice both for around .50
  4. i've only seen 1000x multipliers hit with pennies. or only go after everyone has cashed
  5. hows that alllowed. sick
  6. might be rules and regulations to this, otherwise that is pretty brilliant
  7. Plat 1 VIP took me about 4 months!
  8. i see alot of 100x multis, i love slide but i only go once in a while to get a lucky 100x rarely do i personally like to sit and sesh it, but i never realized that max multi wow.
  9. try dice, i personally play lighting baccarat, betting on sides or tie can win you up to $512-$1300 to 1 payout if it hits a lighting round but on base bet of player or banker highest multi is 24x possible on lighting rounds
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