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  1. Main card: Uriah Hall vs Sean Strickland - Uriah Hall (KO/TKO) Kang Kyung-ho vs Rani Yahya - Kang Kyung-ho (UNANIMOUS DECISION) Cheyanne Buys vs Gloriade Paula - Gloriade Paula (KO/TKO) Niklas Stolze vs Jared Gooden - Jared Gooden (KO/TKO) Ryan Benoit vs Zarrukh Adashev - Ryan Benoit (UNANIMOUS DECISION) Bryan Barberena vs Jason Witt - Bryan Barberena (KO/TKO) Preliminary card: Nicco MontaΓ±o vs Yanan Wu - Yanan Wu (UNANIMOUS DECISION) Collin Anglin vs Melsik Baghdasaryan - Collin Anglin (KO/TKO) Chris Gruetzemacher vs Rafa Garcia - Rafa Garcia (UNANIMOUS DECISION) Danny Chavez vs Kai Kamaka - Danny Chavez (UNANIMOUS DECISION) Jinh Yu Frey vs Ashley Yoder - Ashley Yoder (Submission) Ronnie Lawrence vs Trevin Jones - Ronnie Lawrence (UNANIMOUS DECISION) Philip Rowe vs Orion Cosce - Orion Cosce (UNANIMOUS DECISION) Tiebreaker: Kang Kyung-ho vs Rani Yahya (R3-5:00) username: badatlife99
  2. Badatlife99 Teal happy weekend!
  3. the max bet on mobile has probably costed so much money to players, such an unnecessary feature in the first place.
  4. 4 months ive only hit it twice both for around .50
  5. i've only seen 1000x multipliers hit with pennies. or only go after everyone has cashed
  6. hows that alllowed. sick
  7. might be rules and regulations to this, otherwise that is pretty brilliant
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