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  1. Does is make a difference? Like gambling wise...I know some have higher fees and what not. But as far as actually gambling with it, its all the same right?
  2. There is lots of work from home jobs. Amazon is a good place to start!
  3. I feel like we just got monthly not that long ago.
  4. What are the fees on those sites ?
  5. It did this to me too for a while. I cleared everything, still didn't work..waited another 20 min and it worked.
  6. I read 8 books to my 6 year old, played 4 board games, with said 6 year old (who refuses to lose and throws a fit if she does)..had to braid 3 barbie dolls hair..rock a fake baby (that actually cries) to "sleep"- while singing twinkle twinkle little star over and over until the battery operated baby finally stopped crying. 😑 My daughter finally satisfied got in my lap and let me rock her to sleep 😊 So all of demands from my daughter was worth it in the end...so now I'm ready to gamble 😊 Username: Jessg12
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