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  1. I am a big fan of Pepperoni pizza, however, when I used to live in my home country (Venezuela), my favorite pizza was one called Pizparilla, a pizza made of Parrilla ingredients and french fries.
  2. Mine is October 4th 1995.
  3. Some of the best games I've played: - The Last of Us. - Dead Space 2 - Need For Speed Mostwanted (2005) - Ratchet Deadlocked - Tomb Raider (Reboot) - Medal of Honor (Original) - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - GTA V - Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 - Metal Gear Solid 3
  4. I've been listening to this song for a while now, many times a day.
  5. 2018 can be the start of The Golden age of memes, we are just 12-13 days in and some great contenders have risen from the ugliest pits of the internet (and our imagination) These are the nominees for the Normie Meme of the Month, pick the one you consider to be the most negligible and baneful. May god save us all.
  6. If you enjoy music as much as I do, you most likely have filled your iPod or MP3 player or whatever, with hundreds (maybe thousands) of songs from diverse artists and bands. Maybe you use Spotify, idk. Have you tried to show some new music to a friend or family member? Hoping that they would like it as much as you do, or at least that they appreciated it? Well, this is kinda the same thing, so let's try it. Tell me and the others about the song or the band. I hope this gets to be a long thread, if that happens let's all be nice and enjoy the ride. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, I'll start by posting a song of one of my favorite bands "The Dear Hunter", they are a progressive rock band that features a diversity of styles and instruments... Most of their releases are conceptual and follow a story that goes from album to album. I highly recommend it.
  7. OK guys, so The Last Jedi has grossed around 1.2 billion dollars so far and could become the highest grossing film of 2017... Most critics have praised the film, claiming that it's probably the best one since Empire Strikes Back; however, as you may or may not know, the audience score has plunged in diverse rating pages such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic... Most of the users have bashed the movie by focusing on the lack of character development, criticized the direction of the plot, the scenes, and so on. Call it sabotage, elitism, or just the saddening truth... I personally think the movie is enjoyable despite everything. What do you guys think? Is "The Last Jedi" a good movie? Write freely.
  8. I think my favorite stand-up comedian is Anthony Jeselnik. His dark comedy style is so good, so ironic, amoral and arrogant. I must be a terrible person, hahaha.
  9. LDogCallahan If I used the L as "The", it would sound as a bandido name, hahahaha.
  10. I'm from Venezuela, but I am currently living in Argentina
  11. My biggest achievement was leaving my home country, Venezuela, that is currently undergoing what is probably its worst economic, political and social situation in 100 years or more.
  12. Mine are also singing, writing lyrics and cooking (kinda)