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  1. I wish there were better ways to see which games are hot currently. 2000+ slots is awesome but I literally can't pick a hot one to save my life, frustrating
  2. Ah I thought maybe because they're just the tightest shit slots ever
  3. I've always wondered this, me personally I don't think in all my years I've had one good session on my laptop but I win tons on my tablet
  4. Every game I play is shit so, yea
  5. This thread is SO needed, I can't find a fucking good slot to save my life and its been that way over a week now.
  6. Not saying anything is a scam but I'll just say the rng for me has been fn atrocious. Can't do anything , every game is the same...doesn't matter how long I put into games I never just have that moment. Had like 2 small cash outs but now all that happens is I spin my wheels on every slot, frustrating
  7. Just seems there's no middle ground with these slots
  8. There's just so many games to pick from, I just can't get any flow going in hardly any game
  9. Which games guys? I need more pinpointed suggestions , so many games to pick from so suggestions make it better
  10. I just take breaks. But i gotta be honest this place is just tighter than a ladybugs cooch...people can laugh at providers like rtg all day and I know they're more capped but ffs I can cash 1 to 3k regularly...not lying, literally regularly elsewhere and here is truly what I consider a place that'll ruin someone. I dunno I love the games here and instant payout, and potential is huge but this place is tight as hell unless I'm simply doing it wrong snd not playing the right games.
  11. I just find it funny how literally every drop lands in the center, I find that hard to believe
  12. Title says it all, curious which providers you prefer the most and which slots are the reason? Always looking for good suggestions
  13. Is there a place to see the new games as they're added?
  14. Is there any way to see how slots are doing overall or which ones are paying at the moment?!
  15. Same, I like to play and build but I don't mind taking a few stabs at a buy
  16. Nabbed 1000+ off chaos crew at .40
  17. If you have some suggestions to play I'd love to hear, I love the site but man there are so many games it's overwhelming so even the slightest pointing of direction to give some good games a try.
  18. Yea, a great feature indeed. It's nice to bank as you go...course I haven't had much to bank lately but still lol
  19. All I know is these mofos are tight. Like wow, I just can't find hardly any games that feel hot,every session feels identical
  20. Been fiddling with it, what type of hits have you guys had
  21. DoA so far is truly the only game that I have been able to really cash out from, other games just don't ever seem to hit hard. I love how many slots there are tho, such an awesome selection but sometimes I love hearing suggestions to pinpoint other games.
  22. Dead or alive for me so far, what an incredible game when it gets going
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