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  1. The Bingo I was talking about is not like plinko.. pulling some lever or any. I like to suggest to poker pvp (table) this will be a great game since players can also interact via chat /Emoji. @Edward what do you think?
  2. a Bingo I guess? like what we see in a electronic machine game. drawing 30balls with a jackpot number cards can be 4 and up with random sets.
  3. KittWolfe

    best 21

    Hahaha, that wss pure luck ryzen, have you closed your eyes while you click hit for the last card?
  4. KittWolfe

    I Love Hilo Game!

    I just posted this to express how I loved the game. I really like predicting games, I'll post my winnings to in this game in the future somehow, I'm just waiting for my funds so I can depo and bet high.