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  1. Love this thread !! Unless you have a nice fat reload I don’t think picking up the pipe would be a wise financially, or healthy. Say you got ADHD get some adderall and stake 24/7!!
  2. Thanks guys but I may have been a bit premature in asking, thinking the promo was over although I’m not 1st I’m still currently in the top 3 so hopefully I will receive something. I was 100,0000 in on Roobet until I found Stake and I have to admit Stake is by far one of the best crypto casinos around!! The incentives make the games more exciting, but also more expensive but so far I’ve won over 200$ In promo rewards this month!!
  3. When are the Edge out Eddie winners announced he had a multi of @ 85x on pirates VS pixies, and my highest one was 1350x so I assume I should gain a bonus, my question is how winners are notified and when are they notified? Thanks
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