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  1. I wagered 450k, got 306 dollars back for Monthly Bonus in February. Work that out yourself. I was hoping 400+ but whatever. Free money.
  2. I will say this about Stake: VIP program has been good. BUT. A few discrepancies. They say if you reach higher VIP tier, you will get higher "weekly/monthly bonuses" but that's absolutely not true. Since I've been playing here, and now I am Plat I, my Weekly Bonuses have been 1k wager = 1 dollar. Irrespective of my VIP rank. There has been no "base amounts based on VIP rank". It's a lie, perhaps... Hmmm idk. For example, yesterday, I got 215 dollars as my Weekly. But I wagered 250,000 dollars last week. I checked with Support to confirm this. Not only that, but I LOST 13k over t
  3. Isn't that calculation for Weekly Bonus and not Monthly Bonus?
  4. When is the monthly bonus coming out for February 2021, Stake? 😆
  5. XRP is the way. Transaction time: Instant. Transaction fee: Negligible.
  6. I registered on the 11th of Jan 2021, started playing on the 14th of Jan... And I just hit Platinum I yesterday (Feb 14th 2021). What's that mean for me?
  7. Hi Nemanja. Nice to see you on here. Good luck with your new role!
  8. If I had tons of money, I would basically buy all the colours and variations of Tod's Driving Loafers. They look nice, they're comfortable.
  9. WHAT?? =========================================== To answer the OP's question: For me it is definitely a game called SnowRunner. If you don't know what it is, Google it. Yet, this terrible game, I somehow managed to finish. So maybe it wasn't that bad after all. Definitely shallow though. No NPCs or any of that. Just you driving your truck around picking things up and going through obstacles like mud and mountains and what not.
  10. I'd take it for sure. Stake is such a good website and I love just being on here, even if I'm not playing. To pay me to stay on it? Hellz Yeahz.
  11. You want to win? Don't be an idiot who splits picture cards against a Dealer 5 or 6 because you think the Dealer 5 or 6 is "weak." Conservative estimate; I have wagered over 10 Million dollars and have played over 100,000 hands of Blackjack since I started playing some 7 years ago. I've seen it all. Whenever you play wrongly, the whole table has a higher chance of getting screwed. A dealer 5 or a 6 making 21? Seen that too many times. Many a times, I have doubled 11 against a Dealer Picture to make 21.... Only for the Dealer to then show an Ace to go with his picture card, making Bla
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