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  1. Nikara6 is a good streamer, speaking English.
  2. To Gain something you need to Lose something. If it doesn't hurt Any bonuses that exist today on Stake then ok but otherwise No, also it's Work for developers. My stance is Against it.
  3. Money Train 1 the original, the reason the 2 was made, people been hyping it up. It's the best. Animation and design wise ofcourse 2, good refresh.
  4. Scooby Doo, Ed Edd and Eddie, Tom n Jerry.
  5. It all matters what Bet you are doing compared to your Balance, what Multiplier you are hunting, how successful is the Multiplier you have chosen for You, changing Seed might help if it's really unlucky. Big bet for Low multiplier ofcourse is easier profit but for me I do small bet to big multiplier so I have many tries and decent profit when I win.
  6. If BTC goes down and keeps a Stable price, the fees will be Low. Right now is one of the worst times for small amount transactions, also the transaction speeds are slow even though it's way more expensive. I suggest using Altcoins like Litecoin/BCH when transferring crypto every time, look up the ways to convert it.
  7. WonderWho

    Paypal crypto

    Paypal is a bad Platform overall, wouldn't recommend.
  8. Lose/delete your 2FA authorization apps. Put some Bank/Card restrictions or get a Card you can't deposit/use Cash. Change your passwords to some random ones. Ask for self-exclusions on sites for atleast 6 months. Get busy in Work/hobbies, get time with friends/family.
  9. How it goes for me is... I Profit on low bets very good, then do some high bets and rip on chasing a Losing Streak. Such a classic... Best is to always Withdraw some part of profit.
  10. So far Sweet Bonanza, which is weird.
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