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  1. Hanulord-user Man City 3-1 West Ham West Brom 1-1Brighton Leeds 1--2 Aston Villa Newcastle 1-2 Wolves Crystal Palace 2-1 Fulham Leicester 2 - 1Arsenal Tottenham 2-0 Burnley Chelsea 2- 2 Man Utd Sheffield Utd 1-3 Liverpool Everton -2-1 Southampton Man City 2-0 Wolves Burnley 1--2 Leicester Sheffield Utd 1- 2 Aston Villa Crystal Palace 1- 3 Man Utd Fulham 1- 2Tottenham West Brom 1- 2Everton Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea Tiebreaker- 35 min
  2. Hanulord Bet id-7128802 1 $ tron to 6.4 3 goalscorer to
  3. Bayern to win and over 1.5 goals against lazio in ucl at 1.88 odds on stake The 2020 ucl champions were unbeatable last season ans with some injury issues early on bayern hasn’t been the same in the domestic league this season however with that sqaud and ucl bayern are always a very capable and dangerous opponent and lazio plays a very attacking football too which means bayern will find easy to score and get that away leg advantage. (Hi, i am a sports writer and not a gambler so i haven been doing this for 1.5 years now with a +22 unit record and would love to work par
  4. Wolves 2:1 Leeds Southampton 1-2 Chelsea Burnley 2-1 West Brom Liverpool 2:1 Everton Fulham 2-1 Sheffield Utd West Ham 1-2 Tottenham Aston Villa 1-2 Leicester Arsenal 1-3 Man City Man Utd 3-1 Newcastle Brighton 2-1Crystal palace Leeds 2- 2 Southampton Tiebreaker: 23 Username:Hanulord
  5. Thats one lucky day for every guy . Absolutely a scene from the movie i am gonna make. So did you lose all 5 btc or saved some or are you up now? The plot needs more:)
  6. Hi there @Andjela welcome i am new here too. Lets both do well ;0
  7. User- hanulord team name- imeanbusinessdistime
  8. If vault could earn interest people would not even use any other services
  9. New here and you are already platinum wow mate. You could remember my userid next time you feel generous. When i hit a big one i will owe you one :_)
  10. Hi guys just joined stake new user her from usual fiat sportsbooks. I am pro sports better and have gotten my accounts closed at 2 Fiat sportsbooks already after destroying them with value betting . I strictly don't do casinos etc as I invest not gamble. Anyways point writing here is that support and few members who recommended me said sports betters Dot get banned here if you win and you get vip level 3 times faster than casino so basically they are promoting it here. So anyone here who needs to level up faster canndo sports instead . Thanks also you can get in touch with me search for
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