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  1. for some of the promoted stake posts, you need to have made 10 posts/replies in the forum overall
  2. @shawndub damn, sorry for the late reply, but i am glad it all got sorted out for you bro. Ive gotta agree with you...if someone spoke to me like that in person, id introduce my fist to their face.
  3. If your playing low risk, balance above $30, $5 balls are fine. if im playing medium risk my wagers are <$1 (Balance $0-$7.50) <$1 -1.50 (balance $7.50-$20) $1-$3 (balance $20-$50) $1-$4.75 ($50-$100) $1-$5.00+ ($100-$250) Up to $10 bucks if my balance around $300 And if I get to $1000 thats when it gets really fun
  4. Hey everyone, i feel the dice strat is stressful and boring. What ive found to level me up and to place decently in some races is, wait for it .......... LOW RISK PLINKO@!*(@!&#(*$&!@$#
  5. not easy but ive hit like 3 times every time i had jumped outside of the play area. is that true for all 1000xs?
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