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  1. Bet ID : 48,239,192,375 Username : tmk2020
  2. HILO: 35,575,994,196 placed by tmk2020 on 2/4/2021 Wagered 0.00001802 Multiplier 2.59645x Profit 0.00002877
  3. Keno and plinko is good for auto.
  4. Doge is good too. We can get some whole coins..
  5. Scarab is giving big multiplayer but the red streak Killing all the profit we got. Flat bets never works.
  6. Gambled with doge but big hits are under 1k Doge In scarab slot.
  7. Bitcoin is better than others. Another good one is etherium as well.
  8. Strategy is out of work in longer gambling.. short time strategy can possible as I know.
  9. Well it's not good idea. Because people can make more loans and leave them forever lol
  10. Haha yeah it's too hard...untill we done with our financial fund's..lol
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