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  2. Good choice! 🙂 So, photo albums 🤣 Alchemist is on my bookshelf for so long, but I still didn't read it. 😐 Never heard of them, definitely will get some info and read in the coming months. 😃 It sounds really good! Heard about the book, but haven't got opportunity to read it. 😐
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  13. Surely! Thanks! 🙂
  14. You are very welcome. Thanks Thanks, my brother. I'm glad too! 🙂 Thank you, it's good to be here! Thanks. I'm honored to be here. 🙂
  15. Thank you, Zamia, looking forward to. 😀 Thanks! I appreciate it. See you. Take care. Thank you very much. It's pleasure to be here. 😀
  16. Thanks, nice to meet you too! Of course we are. Stay safe.
  17. Hello Stakers! I am here to introduce myself as your new Community Manager! I'm honored to be part of this wonderful family and hope together we can help this community raise. I wish you all green luck and have a nice time around here!
  18. Twin Peaks for the fifth time. David Lynch. Enough said.
  19. The Sun Also Rises from E. Hemingway. Underestimated book of his. Great storytelling, fun characters.
  20. A good year. With Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard. Two movies to watch at least once a year!
  21. Definitely one of few favorites of mine. Tolkien created a masterpiece. Can't wait for the the lord of the rings series currently filming. I agree. I read history books a lot. Trying to understand what causes us do the same mistakes again. I haven't read it, but I intend to do. Some other books of his made me to sunk deeply under my mind. Great author. Watched a movie, but haven't been anywhere near the book. Definitely going on my "to read" list.
  22. Hello Stake family, I hope you have been reading a lot. Reading is healthy. So, what are your favorite books? What book changed your life? Which author do you prefer to read?
  23. Welcome, my brother! Have a nice time around here!
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