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  1. My best unexpected win was when I was on a long winning streak using coupon btc on keno 2 weeks ago. Earlier in the session I made 0.04 btc on a 100x win on keno, a couple hours later I hit 26x twice within 30 rolls and won 0.02 and 0.04 btc, respectively. Cashed out 0.135 btc that day, it was a great feeling.
  2. I can relate, but one of the best slot streamers I follow they are good about maintaining a bankroll, especially for playing slots. They will start with a balance and play till they bust or if they make $100+ in profit they will keep playing until they reach the nearest increment of one hundred. They will not go beyond that and withdraw immediately. They seem to have good restraint and because of that they maintain good profits on average from all the winnings even when they have their losing sessions.
  3. Maybe some games that require mental ability such as poker or blackjack may help, but those can only help you exercise your mind so much. Your brain needs varied stimulation to keep being healthy. Then there are games such as plinko and keno which don't really require any thinking and may do nothing for your brain other than keep it occupied and full of endorphins for a short while.
  4. I look at it every once in a while to see how well some people are doing or when someone mentions a crazy high bet in chat but I never follow it for a long time. I do notice that there are a lot of beggars that will actively troll the high roller tab because pretty much like clockwork every time I place a good winning bet that lands me in the hr tab I get a couple of friend requests from random accounts I have never seen before or even interacted with.
  5. To get over a big loss I like to step away and go clear my head with a jog or a nice walk somewhere. The worst thing to do is stay at home and not do anything where you might start wallowing in the losses. Taking a step back may allow you to minimize the depression that may follow. Worse yet, if you bust a large amount you may feel compelled more to deposit again and aggressively bet to recover your losses which seldomly work out well.
  6. Slots everywhere has some of the highest house edges in online and land based casinos. In my opinion I don't think 2.93% is too high for slots. The other house edges in things like card games, roulette, and dice is calculated based on the probability of the house winning per certain number of bets. It's the odds of the casino profiting over time and for games of pure chance such as slots, the casino is given more free reign to control what that edge is as opposed to say blackjack where the rules and structure of the game really sets the house edge as an unchangeable variable.
  7. Hm with plinko it seems like you need to have a decent sized balance to aim for a profit but it will never deviate to far from you starting balance if you can hold out long enough. With keno I've seen it all. Straight losing streaks with only one or two winning bets in between before a bust or really lucky runs where you can multiply your original balance 10 fold or more. But as with all gambling, the real outcome is unpredictable.
  8. I definitely can't wait to see what the slots game will be like on this site but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for it. As far as I know, they are still a long ways away from having a functional version of slots for even beta testing. I asked Eddie directly a couple of weeks ago and the only thing he was able to say was that they are actively working on the code and front end but nothing more than that. But I'm sure they'll make an announcement when they're only a week or two away from releasing it.
  9. Nope, never borrowed money to gamble on Stake or any casino for that matter. Aside from the fact I don't even know anyone here that would do loans, I think it's a pretty easy way to find yourself in a hole that you can't dig your way out of. Easiest to just play within your means and consider if you should gamble that day or not.
  10. It's strange, when I deposit I lose money the fastest but when I get my VIP megarace coupon I can usually get that to a really good profit and I'm able to wager a lot so sometimes I'm even able to recoup the amount of my original coupon based on rakeback alone. So nowadays I just get really anxious waiting for the next coupon to drop
  11. Bitcoin is never going to be a viable currency in my opinion, only as a store of value. Volatile prices, high transaction costs, and long transaction times prevent it from performing as a currency for real world transactions which need to be completed and verified in a matter of seconds not minutes or hours.
  12. wow, that's amazing. I can only dream of a hit like that (and I do ) maybe one day I'll hit a high multiplier like that.
  13. It could be worsening today because of the US stock market recession warning. The US bond market yield curve revealed an inversion which has historically been able to predict every single recession without fail since the relationship was discovered.
  14. Well I just had my activated. Talk to support or your host and they can activate it for you. It's only for VIP's I believe and lasts for one week and can be reactivated depending on your wagers for the week
  15. If he's financially stable and happy with his family, then you can't say he made a bad decision. Hindsight is 20/20 and you'll always regret what you could have made if you let yourself. If he's fine with the decisions he's made then so be it, gotta enjoy what you do have