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  1. I like keno because you don't have to think much and can still hit variable payout multipliers. As for roulette my second favorite game, it's not the same without the hustle and bustle of a real casino environment.
  2. definitely depends on my bet amount and remaining balance. If I was two cards away from a royal flush and I was betting under 1/20th of my bankroll then I'd throw caution to the wind and give it a go.
  3. Best I've done so far is a four of a kind with 3's. Still hoping for my turn to hit a royal flush. Congrats on your win!
  4. Keno for me. Whenever I play dice, I always try using the martingale strategy and end up busting too fast.
  5. I really appreciate the updated look of Stake 2.0, it's familiar but fresh. The addition of games like video poker are also nice and the updated multipliers for games like Keno are awesome. For me Limbo is a nice swap for chartbet as I would never be able to hold my bet for too long (too anxious). Overall, it's nice that Stake has maintained its wide variety of games and I haven't found anything too detrimental to my own enjoyment of the site.
  6. What was your best hit on Stake? Mine was a few months ago on Keno when I hit a 50x with a bet of 2560 Doge.
  7. I haven't even hit 9 yet, but back in November this was my best hit
  8. I have good days and bad days. Most of the time it comes down to knowing when to cash out. If you can control yourself, then you'll always have bad days lol
  9. I would say for engineering a masters degree is a must. At least that's the way it is in the US. I can really only think of nuclear engineering as one of the fields where holding just a bachelor's is enough to get a job but otherwise with the competition out there, a masters has become a requirement to even get entry level positions. Also a master's would open you up to positions globally.
  10. echang426

    The new keno

    I haven't really tried playing the new keno with less than 10 numbers yet. The high multipliers look really tantalizing but I'm worried with my betting speed I'll bust too fast
  11. Keno is my most played game on Stake, especially the new 2.0 version. Normally, I play by auto picking and betting (up to three tries) until I win on the medium setting. Then I reset the board. If I hit a big win (26x or higher) I change my seed. On the old version my best day was taking my balance up by over 80x I wanted to see how other players play and how well your strategy works.
  12. That would be interesting. Like a "trivia" not by members or mods but generated by the website itself?
  13. True, true maybe I'll hold off from using rain for the near future and stick to /tip and /trivia for a while. Next time I deposit, you four will be at the top of my list
  14. Keeping gold as an alternative store of gold will always be safe due to its inherent value as a commodity. As you stated, gold is mined but there is a limited supply that can ever be mined from the earth. Due to this and the fact that the worth of all commodities, both physical and immaterial, in the world has surpassed the current realized value of gold would make the current use of gold as tradeable legal gold impractical (why the US moved off the gold standard in the middle of the 20th century). I don't believe any country ties their currencies to gold at the moment, however, only Lebanon with a gold to money supply ratio of 1:2 would realistically be capable of doing so. If a country really wanted to go back to the gold standard, the current price of gold would have to increase exponentially by 20-30x to cover the value of all currency in circulation. This in turn would be fantastic for private holders of gold, however, considering the use of gold in consumer electronics among other uses it would result in an increase in the price of electronics weakening the demand of the electronics industry. Additionally, once the world supply of gold has been mined then inflation would be controlled by the increase of consumer products with and then the next inherent problem with this is that countries would be incentivized to hold gold rather trade internationally. Gold does have many advantages, however, in a global economy with a high reliance on technology, gold is no longer a feasible currency option.
  15. The new multipliers are nice, but I hate the last pop sound after the last number is drawn. Keeps making me think that I hit a third number when I only have two drawn.