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  1. Addiction can be hereditary but gambling is just one mode of addiction instead of a trait. Gambling expresses the same highs that risk takers get when participating in extreme sports. It's just when people experience the high doing one activity, if they are susceptible to addiction they just tend to go back to the last known activity that they were doing
  2. That would be cool and expand the possibilities of betting strats but for me it wouldn't be an update that I would consider to be a priority
  3. For me the high volatility of crypto prices does not make it worth it for me to hold. I know the profits to be made can be high but the possible loses are too much to risk it. I like to express excitement with crypto prices rise because I participate in airdrops and all crypto prices tend to follow the trend of bitcoin but that's because I invest nothing but my time into the airdrops. For me, I like to trade stocks in my spare time but because cryptos are intangible assets with no physical tied assets I tend to pass on them because I feel like emotions dominate the fluctuations in value with them
  4. Yeah, when I'm on a hot streak I find it so hard to withdraw and usually end up busting lol. But for me I usually play with the cost of a cup of a sandwich or coffee so I'm not too upset if I lose that. When I play with larger amounts I'll usually be too antsy and withdraw with smaller profits
  5. Luckily, it hasn't happened to me... yet (and hopefully won't) I know with any tips I give out I'll probably never see anything back from the users I tip so I always try to double check the amount or just use the min tip button.
  6. I lied, Keno trolled me hard just now XD
  7. For me I've been most trolled by mines. Even on low mine boards I always seem to hit it within the first or second pick.
  8. I've used the autobet feature on VP once so far and it seems like you're more likely to make a small but steady profit in the short run if you run it. But like the others have said, you will probably be hard pressed to win big on the autobet feature as it will favor the more statistically likely payouts over ones such as a royal flush.
  9. I like limbo much better. Every time I played chartbet I always got too antsy and cashed out way too early. Plus waiting for the multiplier to rise was too boring for me.
  10. Oh wow, seeing the old stake layout brings back good memories. I remember when I first started on stake, I gambled too recklessly because I had no idea how to play some of the games lol. How things have changed... still spend too much on here
  11. Lol well congrats on that awesome streak. I hope you didn't bust it all, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Anyways I hope to hit a lucky streak like that some day
  12. I don't believe they publicize the requirements to become VIP. Just once you reach a certain amount they will reach out to you through the support messenger.
  13. Yeah I still use the faucets every so often when I don't want to spend money but want to play. On the last faucet amounts, I was able to turn 100 ethoshi to something like 50k before I busted. Nowadays I just use the forum rewards because it pays out well and I can actually get it up to a decent amount if I play carefully.
  14. echang426


    Slots would be great but it would be a major investment because you have to make the game engaging. I've played the simple bitcoin slots on some sites and it is not fun when it doesn't incorporate cool animations and free spins or other bonus games. The bitcoin casinos I have played in the past that have slots like land-based casinos have an incredibly high minimum bet per spin requirements so it would be nice to play with smaller denominations starting at 1 or 100 sats. To be honest, I've since only played on the ones that allow you to deposit and withdraw in btc and bch but convert it into a dollar amount because those let you bet at like a 1 cent minimum. Most people should know though that slots have the worst odds in a casino so we'll have to deal with people crying out "scam" even more than usual
  15. If anything, I'd say they should have a jackpot option like most sites do