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  1. DICE: 28,550,791,747 placed by echang426 on 01/09/2020 Wagered 0.00000500 Multiplier 1.0102x Profit 0.00000005
  2. DICE: 28,492,946,565 placed by echang426 on 30/08/2020 Wagered 0.00000500 Multiplier 1.0102x Profit 0.00000005
  3. KENO: 26,892,224,731 placed by echang426 on 28/07/2020 Wagered 0.00110000 Multiplier 400x Profit 0.43890000
  4. Up until last year I used a Galaxy S7edge, this year I have the Galaxy Note 10+. I use the Chrome mobile browser and like it's alright. Even on a phone with 12 gigs of RAM it's not the best platform to play these games but works well enough when you need to satisfy that gambling itch.
  5. What do you mean? All transactions where you send crypto to another address are irreversible once they are confirmed. That includes exchanges where you send currency to another party and in turn they send you an equivalent amount (minus fees and conversion spread) from their own wallet in the different currency to the other address you specify. The only way to get refunds (say you never received the exchanged currency) would be to contact the exchange service and have them initiate a new transaction for the original amount. Now if you made the mistake of sending Bch to a Btc address (non-
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