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  1. Playing slowly only affects which button you'll end up pressing. Playing fast you are almost going off instincts but when you take time in between each bet you are giving yourself time to weigh out your options.
  2. On limbo I hit 1000x twice in like 50 rolls, but sadly I was betting nothing for a mini challenge a month or two ago. But my best was hitting 100x and winning like 3.2 ltc and 50x and winning 125,000 doge on keno
  3. I like the fact that you can set it so only people you add as a friend can message you directly. If this wasn't the case I'd probably quit Stake from being bombarded by so many messages. Beggars are annoying but for the time being, they're only just as annoying as a mosquito. Generally, I'll add most people that want to be my friend but then if they message me asking for loans or free money I'll just unfriend and ignore them. Works well for me so far. And generally once a week I'll clear out my friends list of people that have been perm banned. The unfortunate reality is that any place where people may be able to get free money from someone else will attract beggars that attempt to take advantage of others.
  4. Great idea Sunny, the mods and support definitely do a lot to make sure our experience on Stake is top notch. So thank you to all the people on the support and moderator teams that help us and keep the site running smoothly for our enjoyment. Stake definitely wouldn't be what it is now without all of them behind the scenes.
  5. Yeah, well to hit a pattern of 8 out of 10 is like a 1 in 40,000 chance and to hit all 10 tiles is just shy of a 1 in a billion chance so I wouldn't hold your breath. For me I play Keno just banking on hitting 5 to 7 tiles out of ten on medium. That way I can play longer and have less of a chance to completely bust without the expectations of hitting really high multipliers.
  6. It's cool that Coinbase is doing this. I'm lucky enough that I've already completed this a few weeks ago but thanks for spreading awareness to others!
  7. I rarely use BTC on Stake unless I use my forum rewards, tips, rains, or coupons. Even then I can't remember the last time I was able to withdraw in BTC. Normally, I play in LTC or BCH. Sometimes even DOGE. Only because the transaction fees and speeds are much more reasonable.
  8. With money in my native fiat denominations I usually tend to play more conservatively than I do online with crypto. I do also play online at a land based casino's website as well but usually I stick to live dealer games. I like real casinos better because I also play for time and enjoyment instead of for profit. I like land based casinos because they have free drinks and sometimes food for players and the overall atmosphere of playing next to other people is overall more enjoyable.
  9. I've used the vault a few times to quickly move my play balance out to the side to prevent myself from using it, but I usually ended up using it as well once I busted with my account. That plus the fact I have 2Fa enabled makes it just as fast to use my normal wallets to withdraw and deposit coins, minus the blockchain confirmation time, but BCH and LTC usually process pretty fast.
  10. Yeah good luck, do let me know how it works out for you if you have a chance to try it out. Yeah good luck, do let me know how it works out for you if you have a chance to try it out.
  11. Yeah, I do not use faucet anymore because it's too low now especially the BTC faucet unless you get crazy lucky. Regardless, there are many other ways to earn funds on Stake such as forum rewards so I'm not really too upset that the faucet is low. It would be nice for them to raise it again but they are a company in the business of making money.
  12. I usually end up changing my seed every 1000 or 2000 bets when I play Keno. I found whenever I play a seed longer I'll usually hit a really bad losing streak.
  13. Lol, that's also 3 times the chance of losing your money faster. I wouldn't risk it and I'll keep playing with one screen.
  14. Novak Djokovic Angelique Kerber New Zealand United States