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  1. can't seem to see your screenshot Nope, somehow luck is always not on my side, whenever i put stoploss,so i decided to remove it and manually put my profits into vault in case it burst.
  2. Yes, there's always a risk it will bust since it's classic martingale. Today's play with base bet 0.000001 LTC
  3. Oops, i've edited the main post.
  4. Hi all, I'm sharing my dice strategy i found somewhere and decided test it out. Here are the results and the settings for it. I started off with Starting Balance: 0.00532113 LTC Basebet: 0.00000010 LTC Payout: 2.2398x Ending result: 0.01532155 LTC
  5. I did it guys! But i lost 3 times, still in negative.
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