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  2. Is San Quintin the highest? Or is there another slot higher/very similar to it? My goal is to hit the max win on a slot, why not it be the highest possible?
  3. Moneyyyman


    How high do you think Doge will get to at the end of the Month? Year? What are your guesses?
  4. Moneyyyman


    Does anyone here play on the PS4/PS5 when they aren't gambling?
  5. Did anyone else see that dude run across the field during the superbowl game! That was hilarious.
  6. What sports do you all bet on? Which do you find has the best odds/most games that win?
  7. Moneyyyman

    Superbowl 55

    Did anyone hear what happened to the guy who ran across the field during the superbowl? That was funny!
  8. Is Monopoly better? Or is Crazy Time better?
  9. When do you suggest withdrawing funds? After big wins or when you double your amount?
  10. What do you all prefer to play? Which slot is the best!
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