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  1. Stake username: Huskerpower39 nfl username: Huskerpower39
  2. huskerpower39 goooooo big reddd!!
  3. huskerpower39 have a great day everyone!
  4. Liquify all of your assets and get it into stake ASAP! The only way back is to gamble gamble gamble. You will hit eventually. Good luck my friend!
  5. @AleksandarZthis is my first forum promotion. I’m just curious how long it takes for winners to be paid. Thank you!
  6. Doge to the moooioon!
  7. Yeah the alt coins are way way better. I always use doge on stake
  8. Sex while gambling? Is that an answer lol
  9. I love making fun sports parlays and playing mines!
  10. Do they just show up in account a certain time after that are over or? Thanks in advance for any clarification
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