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  1. I wouldn't say that they're my dream shoes but the Jordan bred 11's are my favourites for sure!
  2. It isn't the worst game at all its defo up there but I just think Witcher 3 is one of the most overhyped games to this day. So many people were riding the wave but when i play it it just wasn't all that for me? IDK if its the kind of slow pace or what but Ill defo say it was very underwhelming
  3. Mdot

    Favorite game.

    50% of the thread : Actual games 50% of the thread: Betting related games like dice now im really confused on which one the thread started was looking for 😆
  4. Just took my monkey to get a fresh skin fade. Gotta look good for the ladies 😄
  5. probably gonna cop a new phone my currents ones screen legit popping out feelsbadman
  6. Mdot

    Online Dating

    It could defo work but you need to be able to have that trust in each other or else its destined to fail. Also you do need to meet up someday or else its just pointless and it'll die out imo.
  7. LOL I wish but it seems like covid's got other plans 😞
  8. Starting a brand new show 😒 Watching the same comfort show for the 5th time in a row 😄 However I am currently watching Prison break and all I gotta say is, season 1 is the best season of any show ever made.
  9. Its got to be lord of the rings for sure!
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