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  1. Because it's illegal & they don't have a gambling license to operate in the US.
  2. I won a 322.95x on "Dragon Tribe" for a $40k payout, that was nice. Been down-hill ever since that day, though. lol.
  3. I'm not sure what code you're referring to, but there is a giveaway post that you can enter once you've made 10 posts on the forum. Otherwise you're unable to post in that thread until you hit that '10' marker.
  4. Here's my little feral rescue, Huffle.
  5. Ignore my prior post OP, this is probably a safer assumption as this is closer to what I've experienced in the past.
  6. Not many, if anyone, can provide an approximate amount of what your potential weekly/monthly bonus will be. Lots of factors go into this, most of us can sorta ball-park it if we ask our VIP managers for our profit/loss report. You mention '87k' not sure if you mean USD, EUR or Sats, but if it's USD you could probably safely assume that your weekly bonus will be somewhere around $50 as a silver player. see post below this one for a better answer.
  7. Try clearing your cache/cookies, or perhaps even try one of their mirror sites. I don't have a link readily available, but mirror sites were posted in the Stake Telegram channel last week I believe.
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