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  1. Try out the "metered" slots. They are different than landbased style. Some that are good: Honey Rush | Tome of Madness | Wild Frames | Gems Bonanza
  2. My largest so far is 1350x on Rise of Merlin!
  3. Yeah it is a form of control. I mean you only need your password and 2-factor authorization to take it out. So you can easily take it out. But for me it kind of separates what I think I have. So that maybe once my current balance rips I can save the rest in my vault for another session.
  4. It allows you to store any amount of your balance that you choose into a "vault". Lets say you have $100 right now at the top of your screen. You then store $50 into the vault. It will show that your current balance is only $50. But you still have that $50 waiting for you in the vault to take out whenever you want.
  5. Yeah, I am finally up a bit and stashed some in the vault. And when my regular balance hits close to zero. I’m done. The vault has surprisingly worked for me so far. I’m now liking to see a balance in my vault so it’s like I don’t want to touch it lol.
  6. Sweet Bonanza is more consistent but Fruit Party can pay insane. I mean that’s what I kind of see. Anyone else can chime in
  7. Congrats man! I hit bronze myself earlier this week. And I have been wagering into silver but it is going to be A LONG time till I hit silver lol
  8. Thanks for the Betty Boris and Boo suggestion. Just hit a 1024x on .20 stake man.
  9. Yeah for sure! Like I said, not that the vault would have ultimately saved me. But mentally it could have waited for another session instead of ripping it all at once.
  10. Are you more worried about the slot paying 0 or you just want the ending screen to say sorry? Because if Push Gaming has their slots like that, then that is just the way it is.
  11. Nice man! That slot can pop off. I just think the bonus round is super boring lol.
  12. Slots can only be so smart. So I assume it just takes any win 0 or a million and just adds congratulations to it. Its just a template they use for the "win" screen. Now games like San Quentin I have seen bad things like "Oh no....." and shows a pic of you "dropping the soap" in prison lol like this :
  13. Sure man! I watched a lot of streamers on Twitch before I jumped on Stake, so I am familiar with a ton of the games here. My favorites are Wild Frames, Reactoonz 1, Tome of Madness, Honey Rush, Extra Juicy and many more lol. But those are my favs. All of those slots besides Extra Juicy "last longer" to play because each connection has a possibility of another connection so each spin can take some time to finish. I also like the design of those style slots, like how the connections make certain things happen. Its fun to follow if that makes sense.
  14. Yeah I had a decent amount to bank, but was having too much fun and gave it all back. Im not saying the vault would have ultimately saved me, but yeah lol.
  15. Hey everyone! I am new here to Stake Casino and this is my first topic post. Just wanted to give new people a heads up about "The Vault" option in the menu. I unfortunately did not know about that and it could have proved a bit useful lol. I assume you can put some of your balance into a "vault" so you dont quickly bet it. Its my own fault for not looking at everything this amazing casino has to offer. I may be the only one that didnt see it, but you never know. Good Luck all!
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