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  1. horrible haha. Ex's are bad news
  2. Today I learned at the top of Lego's 100 Most Valuable Minifigures of All Time is a three-piece set of Galileo, Jupiter, and Juno aluminum figurines sent to Jupiter in 2011. Although they cost $15,000 to produce, they are now valued at $2,200,000,000 dollars because that is the cost estimated to retrieve them.
  3. Im just interested in a strategy to maximums your game time in roulette not win Whats the best strategy to last the longest? What strategy do you think is the most fun? I think most of us can agree that betting something like minimum on black/red will last longest, but that's freaking boring. Whereas going all-in on a single number is exciting and fun, but the session will end real quick.
  4. Every Friday ill be giving away some BTC to the best TIL post! Today I leanred There is a $1m treasure chest waiting to be discovered in the Rocky Mountains if the 9 clues in a 24-line poem can be solved! https://www.npr.org/2016/03/13/469852983/seeking-adventure-and-gold-crack-this-poem-and-head-outdoors
  5. At the end of each work week (Friday) ill give away some BTC for the best gif! So lets keep them coming
  6. Nice to meet you guys! Happy New Year!
  7. Nice to meet you yvolle! Welcome
  8. Whats your favourite Gif!? Share yours below and save the ones you like! At the end of each work week (Friday) ill give away some BTC for the best gif! So lets keep them coming
  9. Use this Topic to let the community get to know you and ask questions! - Lets keep this topic going by commenting in it daily! Hey Im Jesse! I got into bitcoin very early and have created many start ups and invested in a few idea, coins and companies! I love surfing, reading self growth books, working, traveling, hanging with my mates and playing online games. I only bet what i can afford to lose and have fun doing it! This year i plan to travel with my best mate, work hard and grow in all areas of life - was a tad slack in 2017 and had a lot going on (long term relationship ended, family and some bad investments earlier in the year) wheres everyones favourite destination to travel too? *Make sure you click the FOLLOW button in the top right or bottom of the screen if your on your phone!
  10. haha thats no good! Learn something! TIL Chinese Checkers are not Chinese, but German!!! - iv been living a lie
  11. Hope your okay mate! Girls can be fucking horrible....
  12. I lost my grandmother last night! Very fragile!