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  1. Im just interested in a strategy to maximums your game time in roulette not win Whats the best strategy to last the longest? What strategy do you think is the most fun? I think most of us can agree that betting something like minimum on black/red will last longest, but that's freaking boring. Whereas going all-in on a single number is exciting and fun, but the session will end real quick.
  2. Looking for some good websites to follow everything thats happening with bitcoin. Whats your top picks?
  3. Jesse

    Is silk-road safe?

    Has anyone bought off silk-road and is it safe to get it delivered?
  4. Can you explain the meaning of life in math? If not post a Gif below
  5. What is your favourite car? Share a link to a video below One of my favs -
  6. Damn! 6.6! What was your wager? This is mine....
  7. Love you know everyones favourite game so far on stake! Comment what yours is below - mine would have to be Roulette
  8. I would love to know what everyone biggest win has been! Post yours below...
  9. What's your favourite exercises?
  10. What's your thoughts on Donald Trump?