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  1. Haha
    BGjack1 reacted to Nenad in ūü•á [$1,450] Bet ID Prediction | April ‚Äč‚Äč‚ĚĒ   
    Bet ID Prediction ‚Ěď
    (Round 2)
    Ends: /05/12/2021 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 

    Submit your prediction on this thread and your Stake site username with it.
    Example:  Bet ID: 40,000,000,000
                      Username: Nenad   Tips & Terms & Conditions
    Entry must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Stake employees can not participate in official Stake.com forum challenges. This does not apply to moderators. Do not participate with multiple accounts.  Do not post more than one comment/entry. Please, read the Spoiler for more info. 10+ Post count on the forum. You can verify your Stake account here: https://stake.com/settings/verify Regular Prize Pool(s):
    1st place - $300 2nd place - $200 3rd place - $100 4th place - $50 5th place - $25 6th to 10th place - $10  
    Prize pool distribution:
    Prizes will be determined by who has the closest prediction. Staker with the closest prediction will take 1st place and so on. The closest 10 predictions will be awarded. All verified accounts will get double the amount of prize and for all who do not have the account verified, the prize will remain the usual.
    How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, with your prediction and Stake username.
  2. Wow
    BGjack1 reacted to mmiikkee1520 in Huge problem with Stake originals   
    adding a win/loss streak is not adding a 'huge' amount of information and shouldn't confuse even the stupidest of people.  there is literally no information on the graph besides your total wins and losses.  Do you think other casinos added the win/loss streak because they had nothing better to do? have you ever discussed limbo or dice strategy with anyone? if you have, I guarantee you the topic of losing streaks came up at some point. why? because people want that information.  get it? also if stake was unable to modify results, there would definitely be some strats running for a month straight.  why do you think that doesn't happen?  for example, martingale can be done in a real casino on roulette by betting black or red and doubling your bet.  we can all agree that the casino probably has no control over where the ball lands, meaning they cannot modify the result.  so do they just let you keep using martingale to get your money back? no they don't because they have a table limit of how much you can bet.  here, there is no limit to how much you can bet, but somehow, everyone still loses no matter how huge the balance.  so if we are all gonna lose just by chance eventually anyways, why do casinos have limits but provably fair games do not? if the outcome isn't modified as they claim, they would have a bet limit just like a real casino. I understand casinos are operating to make money and that's fine, but to try and make everyone believe it is totally random is both dishonest, and a bit funny.  if you could use martingale limitlessly on roulette and started with a $0.01 bet, you would never see a long enough losing streak to go broke. probably never in your entire lifetime and that is betting a full penny. remember, here you can bet a tiny fraction of a penny which should make it nearly impossible to lose
    Does anyone agree with the mod? do you guys think adding a win/loss streak would clutter up the userface as he claims, or would it be beneficial to the customers? 
    mod, I don't think anyone will agree with you.
  3. Love
    BGjack1 reacted to Syztmz in My dice strategy will make you rich   
    Please do not let Eddie and Co know about this. Keep it to ourselves, and we can be RISH forever and ever....
  4. Love
    BGjack1 reacted to phivedeadphish in Submit your giveaway ideas!   
    I was thinking an IRL scavenger hunt would be a good idea.  You conjure up a list of items, or "scenes"  and people have to find or recreate the stuff, and take a picture with like, a piece of paper with their stake name in it (so you know people aren't just google image searching things)  
    This will get people out of the house for a little (or keep them thinking about stake while they're out) and it would also take some time to finish a full scavenger hunt list of wierd stuff. =p 
  5. Payday
    BGjack1 reacted to prozent in Hunting 50,000x on Mines?   
    I won this on the first roll. Damn. Too small bet.

  6. Thanks
    BGjack1 reacted to MisterLuck in 107,849.00√ó HiLo-Bot Hit   
  7. Wow
    BGjack1 reacted to AmandaPanda31 in What you do when you have no luck?   
    I try changing games more offen whenever it seems I've hit a lose streak.. Sometimes it helps others it doesn't.. I feel it depends on what games you decide to play. Thats just me though.
  8. Love
    BGjack1 got a reaction from JovanR in What are you currently watching?   
    Supernatural ūüėÉ
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